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Mom Gives Birth, Denied Holding Newborn After Dad Says, “There’s Something Wrong With Adam’s Leg”

During their final year of college, Andrea West met her future spouse. They quickly started dating and eventually relocated to Andrea’s hometown after he completed his studies.

Within a few years, they were engaged and joyfully shared Andrea’s pregnancy news with loved ones. Andrea was overjoyed.

However, happiness turned to sorrow just eleven weeks later when Andrea suffered a miscarriage.

Andrea shared her feelings on the Love What Matters Facebook page:
“I was devastated. I felt lost, unsure of who to turn to or what to say. It’s shocking to know that 1 in 4 women experience the same, yet it’s rarely discussed. I didn’t know if I could handle another pregnancy.”

Her husband supported her through it all, and with time, her anxiety eased. Fortunately, she became pregnant again.
Determined to ensure a healthy start, Andrea took extra precautions. She gave up favorite foods like sushi and certain cheeses and immersed herself in pregnancy literature.

Her pregnancy progressed smoothly, and she went into labor as expected. After arriving at the hospital on time, she and her partner were admitted to a delivery room and started experiencing mild contractions.
An ultrasound revealed low amniotic fluid levels, necessitating immediate induction.

The Birth

Thankfully, the delivery was uncomplicated. Adam, their son, was born that evening.
But instead of the traditional umbilical cord cutting, Adam was quickly taken away by medical staff. In the midst of it all, Andrea’s husband glimpsed their son and then turned to her, saying, “Honey, there’s something wrong with Adam’s leg.”

Approximately twenty people surrounded Adam, heightening Andrea’s concern as she awaited answers.
Outside, Andrea’s mother and partner informed relatives, leaving her alone in the hospital bed. To this day, no one has explained what was wrong with her newborn.

Adam was found to have CMTC, a rare vascular malformation, after some time.
Andrea and her husband were left speechless. At the time of Adam’s birth, only five hundred cases of the condition had been reported.

Adam’s vital organs underwent extensive testing, all of which returned negative results.
After four days in the neonatal intensive care unit, Andrea finally returned home to rest.

Treatment proved effective, and Adam was discharged with detailed skin care instructions. Over time, Adam has proven to be a resilient young man.

Today, he enjoys solving puzzles and playing chess, despite the challenges posed by his condition.
While his leg remains weak due to the disease, Adam has pursued sports and refuses to let his impairment hinder him.

Aware of his differences from other children, Adam has never allowed his condition to hold him back.
Andrea West remains active with the CMTC Alliance, a global nonprofit dedicated to supporting individuals with rare vascular malformations.

She advocates tirelessly for those affected and works to raise awareness about these conditions.
Consider sharing Adam’s story and supporting the charity to help those battling rare diseases. Your generosity can greatly impact the lives of those affected.

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