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Tragic Neighbor Dispute Turns Fatal in Ocala: Charges Filed as Marion County Sheriff’s Office Releases Distressing 911 Calls

A heart-wrenching incident rocked Ocala, Florida on June 2, 2023, as a deadly confrontation unfolded between neighbors. Susan Louise Lorincz, a 58-year-old Caucasian woman, now faces charges of manslaughter in connection with the tragic death of Ajike “AJ” Owens, a mother of four from the Black community. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office released a series of distressing 911 calls that shed light on the events leading up to the fatal shooting, adding a layer of intensity and urgency to the unfolding narrative.

Authorities indicate that the incident originated from a dispute over children playing outside. Allegedly, Lorincz shouted at Owens’ children and even hurled a roller skate at her 10-year-old son, causing him harm. This incited Owens to confront Lorincz, seeking both an explanation and restitution for her actions. As tensions mounted, Owens persistently knocked on Lorincz’s front door, demanding her presence. The released 911 calls capture the palpable tension and fear experienced by Lorincz throughout the escalating confrontation.

In her initial call, Lorincz expressed her concerns to the dispatcher regarding children trespassing on her property and behaving disruptively. She conveyed feeling threatened in her own home and expressing genuine fear for her life in light of the ongoing situation. The dispatcher advised Lorincz to secure her doors and windows while assuring her that help was on the way, as CNN reports.

Minutes later, gunshots reverberated in the vicinity. In her second 911 call, a visibly shaken Lorincz recounted the harrowing event, revealing that Owens had attempted to forcibly enter her residence. Overwhelmed with fear and perceiving an immediate threat to her life, Lorincz discharged her firearm through the door, tragically resulting in Owens sustaining fatal wounds.

“Oh, my God. This lady just tried to break down my door. I shot through the door. Oh my God,” she exclaimed, her voice filled with shock and distress. “The woman was screaming and yelling at me, trying to break down my door. I didn’t know what to do. I grabbed my gun and shot at the door because I thought she was going to kill me,” Lorincz continued, recounting the terrifying moments that unfolded.

One of Owens’ older children witnessed his mother stumbling away from the door and immediately urged him to call 911. Susan Louise Lorincz claimed self-defense, asserting that she believed Owens was attempting to forcibly enter her residence and that she had heard threats of physical harm. However, following a thorough investigation, detectives determined that her actions did not meet the legal standards of justifiable self-defense under Florida law. Consequently, Lorincz was taken into custody and faced charges of manslaughter with a firearm, culpable negligence, battery, and assault.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Owens’ family accused Lorincz of harassing their children and using racial slurs. During the investigation, Lorincz admitted to employing derogatory terms and racial slurs against the neighborhood children in the past. These disturbing allegations, coupled with the tragic outcome of the confrontation, fueled increased demands for Lorincz’s arrest and the subsequent charges filed against her.

Lorincz’s bond was set at $154,000, a decision the court deemed appropriate despite her claims of financial constraints. She now faces multiple charges, including manslaughter with a firearm, culpable negligence, battery, and assault.

To ensure public safety and maintain a semblance of order, the court imposed several restrictions on Lorincz. These include a prohibition on firearm possession and any contact with the victim’s family. Additionally, the judge recommended that she not return to her residence due to an ongoing eviction notice, further complicating her already tumultuous circumstances.

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