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Memphis Man Allegedly Fires Gun at Couple on the Interstate While Transporting Three Children

In a recent development in Memphis, a man allegedly shot at a couple while driving on I-240, all while having the company of three children in his car. The victims revealed that the perpetrator was driving a silver SUV and fired a bullet that penetrated the back window and went through the front windshield, causing injuries to the passenger’s head.

After this catastrophic incident, the driver took a photo of the SUV, which helped officers trace the license plate number to a Nissan Pathfinder registered to a man in Memphis’ Frayser area. The officers then went to the address and saw a Pathfinder in the driveway with Leo Jones getting out of the driver’s seat, sporting a 9 mm handgun holster.

Here comes the shocking part – the police found three juveniles, aged 3, 8, and 11, inside the SUV, and Jones admitted to firing shots during a road rage incident with all three children in the vehicle. As a result, Jones now faces charges of two counts of attempted second-degree murder, three counts of child endangerment, and one count of using a firearm in a dangerous felony, and is currently held on a bond of $75,000.

According to the victims, “The bullet went through the rear window and out the front windshield, cutting the passenger on her head.”

The officers stated, “Jones was wearing a holster containing a 9 mm handgun.”

In the words of the police, “Jones told officers all three children were in the vehicle when he fired shots during a road rage incident.”

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