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What does it symbolize when a deceased person appears in your dreams?

Some people dream, while others don’t, or at least they don’t remember doing so.

But do dreams have meaning? While some people believe dreams are messages received from unseen or unfelt forces while we are awake, some scientists argue that dreams are simply the result of neuronal processes occurring within our brain.

While we sleep, our brains are far from inactive. Sometimes dreams reflect the events of the day, and other times they represent our fears. But what does it mean when we dream of a deceased person?

These dreams can be seen as part of the grieving process or a transition occurring in our own lives. According to Healthline, it relates to the latter.

Such dreams are common during times of significant change, such as starting a new job, moving to a new place, or meeting new people.
More important than the dream itself, however, is how it makes us feel.

Rubin Naiman, who holds a Ph.D. in psychology and has studied sleep patterns for years, explains, “Dream interpretation involves decoding the dream. It enlightens us and expands our psychological awareness, offering an expansion of consciousness.”

Therefore, dreaming of a deceased person may relate to the aforementioned changes and their impact on us.

“Many contemporary neuroscientists believe that during REM sleep, the brain is involved in maintenance tasks and accidentally ‘kicks up dust,’ visually. In that sense, dreaming is considered completely meaningless.” On the other hand, he notes, “At the other end of the spectrum is the idea that dreaming is more substantial than waking. We see this in ‘dream cultures,’ such as among Australia’s indigenous peoples, who believe dreaming is intrinsic to our spiritual existence.”

Experts categorize these dreams into four main types.
Firstly, dreaming of a deceased person may be interpreted as the brain’s attempt to process the pain of loss. If we hadn’t reconciled with the deceased person before their passing, feelings of guilt may lead them to appear in our dreams.

Dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg suggests another possibility: we might dream of a deceased person if we notice some of their behaviors, like substance abuse, mirrored in ourselves.

Some experts believe these dreams signify a visitation from the deceased person, especially if they appear well in our dreams, perhaps well-dressed or happy. Feeling positive about such dreams could imply the deceased person is saying “hello.”

Regardless of our interpretation of dreams, they often provide profound and meaningful insights. They can offer us glimpses into our soul and our connection with the deceased person we see in our dreams.

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