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If You See a Purple Butterfly Sticker Near a Newborn, You Need to Know What It Means

Millie and Louis received the joyful news that they were expecting twins, filling them with excitement and anticipation. Twins were not uncommon in Millie’s family, so the prospect of welcoming two more babies into their lives was met with great enthusiasm.

However, their joy was overshadowed when doctors gave them the sad news that their unborn children had anencephaly, a condition characterized by the underdevelopment of parts of the brain. Sadly, most babies with this condition do not survive long after birth, if they are born at all.

Tragically, Millie and Louis lost one of the twins, Skye, shortly after an emergency C-section. The loss was devastating, but they found strength in their surviving and healthy daughter, Callie.

Deeply affected by their experience, Millie and Louis recognized the need to avoid well-meaning but painful comments when parents lose one of their babies during a multiple birth. This understanding led to the creation of the purple butterfly initiative.

One incident in particular highlighted the importance of this cause. An innocent and joking comment made by someone unaware of Skye’s existence caused Millie to burst into tears. She ran out of the room, leaving the well-meaning person confused. Millie couldn’t explain the painful truth behind her reaction, and this experience drove her and Louis to take action.

They founded the “Skye High Foundation” and introduced purple butterfly stickers, which have reached neonatal intensive care units worldwide. These stickers serve as a silent yet powerful signal, indicating that a family has experienced the loss of one of their babies during a multiple birth. This small but significant gesture helps prevent parents from suffering from inadvertently hurtful comments during an already difficult time.

While Millie and Louis understand they cannot change Skye’s fate, they find comfort in knowing they are making a difference for other parents facing similar challenges. Their efforts, through support groups and initiatives like the purple butterflies, offer solace and support to those navigating the heartbreaking journey of infant loss.

“The more support groups we can establish and the more initiatives like the stickers we can implement, the better. It’s the hardest thing anyone has to face.” Their commitment to helping others in their time of need is a testament to their resilience and compassion.

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