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Elton John’s Stunning Testimony About Michael Jackson

Elton John, a close friend of Michael Jackson, asserts that the musician became ill and suffered from “mental illness” due to fame. Additionally, in his recently published memoir, he also mentioned that being around Jackson was “disturbing.” The 72-year-old singer acknowledged that they were friends at the beginning of Michael’s career, but as Michael’s fame grew, he observed how Michael changed. Elton described Michael Jackson as “the most charming young man you could imagine” when they first met at age 13.

However, like Elvis Presley, he began to withdraw from reality and the outside world in the following years. Every time I saw him as an adult, I thought he had gone crazy. Only God knows his mental state and the reason for his extensive medication use.

“We didn’t learn about this until recently. Besides being severely mentally ill, he claimed to be a nuisance. He was invited to one of Elton’s parties where he got lost and was later found playing with the housekeeper’s son.”

“He couldn’t stand being around adults for some reason,” the artist said. In his book, Elton John made several revelations. He acknowledged his difficult childhood and talked about his relationship with his late mother, Sheila Farebrother.

Sheila and her husband David Furnish have two sons together, Zachary, who is eight years old, and Elijah, who is six. Sheila never met her sons. David never liked her. She was never welcome. The children were never denied access to her. But Elton John added, “I’m glad they didn’t know her because they rejected her just as she rejected me.”

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