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When The Baby Is Born With Snow-White Hair, The Parents Are Unsure Of What To Do

Bence was born in Székesfehérvár, a city in Hungary.
Like all expectant parents, they eagerly awaited seeing their child’s face. Would he look like his dad or mom? Who would he resemble more?

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When Bence was born, he looked nothing like his parents. Instead, he had a full head of snow-white hair!
Some babies are born bald, and some with lots of hair, but Bence, the little winter king, was born with pure white hair. It’s not something you see every day in the delivery room.

White hair is typically associated with older people, who get it due to stress or genetics. My stepfather used to joke, “Do you think I got these white hairs because I had no problems?”

So, white hair can signify having gone through a lot. Bence seemed to be born with that experience already!
Having extremely light hair is typical for Scandinavians, but not completely white, pale as a wall. That’s why it’s rare to see such hair on a newborn.

Bence’s parents worried he might have albinism, a condition affecting melanin production, which colors the skin, hair, and eyes, even though he looked magnificent.

Albinism is not life-threatening, though people with it are more sensitive to light and have an increased risk of skin cancer.
After extensive testing, doctors confirmed Bence did not have albinism. What a twist.

He had very little melanin, which explained his pale skin and white hair.

He was born on schedule and was in perfect health. His hair is expected to darken as he ages, much like Benjamin Button!
The hospital nurses adored him and nicknamed him “Prince Charming.”
According to Dr. Zoltan Kummer, Bence’s hair might darken in a few years. The condition appears to be a localized, possibly temporary pigment deficiency.

Székesfehérvár, the city where he was born, is often called Fehérvár, which means “white castle” in Hungarian. He indeed looks like a newborn king of the white castle.
His unique appearance gained worldwide attention, and millions have heard the story of the white king from Hungary.

Bence grew into a beautiful child!

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