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Weird! This appears to be an ordinary family photo until you see what’s lurking beneath mom.

With the vast number of photos uploaded online daily, it’s no surprise many of them go viral for various reasons.

The following photos will leave you questioning what’s amiss in them, but once you spot it, you can’t unsee it.

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Family portrait

First up is this delightful family photo featuring a mom, dad, and their four children. They’re all beaming with joy, clearly having a great time. Yet, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice human eyes peering out from under the mother.

Who Let The Dog Out?

If this classroom looks ordinary at first glance, take a second look. Amid students paying attention to the lecture, taking notes, and minding their own business, there’s a large dog doing exactly the same.

What’s intriguing is no one seems bothered by the canine’s presence. Perhaps the class is on “Paw-litical” theory.

Till Death Do Us Part

A wedding day marks a significant moment in many people’s lives as they commit to spending eternity together.

The photo above captures the beauty of that moment, with a ‘tiny’ detail that adds humor. Look closely at the groom’s shoe bottoms and you’ll spot the word ‘HELP.’ Quite a cry for help, wouldn’t you agree? It’s all in good fun to entertain the guests.


Here are girls having a blast at the beach, capturing a memory with a photo, only to have it photobombed by a man whose head unexpectedly appears in the background.

Someone found this amusing and decided to enhance it by photoshopping the man’s face onto every girl’s face. Did you catch that?

Pose And Now Say- Cheese!

Another photo of a group of girls enjoying themselves at the beach. They strike a pose for a photo, unaware that a man in the background has joined them. He does make a nice addition to the photo, wouldn’t you agree?

Just a Face In a Tree
Halloween is the time of year when everyone gets creative with mask ideas. These four friends certainly did a fantastic job, especially the fourth one who cleverly disguised himself as a tree or hid behind it.

Which photo puzzled you the most?
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