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The Remarkable Story of Zubaida Hasan

Miraculous Transformation: Zubaida’s Journey to Smile Again

In a small Afghan village, nine-year-old Zubaida Hasan lived an ordinary life. However, one fateful day in 2001, her life changed dramatically. While fighting her family’s gas stove, an explosion occurred, engulfing Zubaida in flames and causing severe injuries.

The impact was devastating, with her facial skin fusing into her chest and one arm becoming attached to her body. The local doctor gave a grim prognosis, declaring her case hopeless and doubting her chances of survival.

Refusing to accept this fate for his beloved daughter, Zubaida’s father embarked on a quest for hope and healing. Against all odds, he sought help at a US military base in Kabul, even though the facility typically served military personnel exclusively. Moved by the girl’s immense suffering, the doctors at the base made an extraordinary exception and admitted Zubaida.

Swiftly, Zubaida was transported to the United States, where she came under the care of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Grossman, a specialist in burn treatment. Through a series of surgeries, Zubaida underwent skin grafts from various parts of her body.

Despite her young age, Zubaida exhibited remarkable resilience and determination throughout the arduous process. Dr. Grossman was deeply impressed by her strength, and a deep bond formed between them. In a heartwarming gesture, the plastic surgeon and his wife welcomed Zubaida into their home, providing crucial support during her difficult times.

After twelve weeks of unwavering dedication, Zubaida not only became proficient in English but also enrolled in a local school, forging numerous friendships along the way. Through the relentless efforts of the medical team and her own indomitable spirit, Zubaida’s face was restored within a year, granting her the ability to sing, play the guitar, and dance once more.

Although the initial doctors had deemed her case hopeless, Zubaida was given a second chance at life—a transformation that defied all expectations.

Witness Zubaida’s inspiring journey as she visits Oprah: [Link to the video]
This incredible miracle left me profoundly moved by the exceptional individuals who played a part in restoring Zubaida’s smile. Let us share this touching story so that others may also be inspired by it.

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