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The Police Line Up for a Dance Routine, But It’s The Police Dog That Steals The Show

Chances are, you’ve encountered the Git Up challenge. It all started with a dance tutorial created by Blanco Brown for his song of the same name. Predictably, countless people eagerly tried the routine, which is undeniably fun and catchy.

One of these challenge videos features the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office, Yuba City Police Department, Sutter County Courts, and Sutter County Code Enforcement, totaling around 9 million views. These officers took the challenge to a whole new level, turning it into a dance-off. We can’t stop watching because it’s simply amazing.

The dance-off kicks off with a Yuba City police cruiser and a Sutter County Sheriff’s car “fighting” over a parking space. As the dancing ensues, more participants join in. However, one K-9 dog stood out not so much for his dancing skills, but for his pure joy in watching the other officers dance. He seems curious about what’s happening before eventually joining in himself.

I admire how the police demonstrate their ability to enjoy themselves despite the serious nature of their work.

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