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Tattooed “Black Alien” Struggles to Find Employment Due to His Appearance – Here’s What He Looked Like Before

In a daring pursuit to transform into a “black alien,” a man known as the world’s “most modified man” has taken the drastic step of removing two of his fingers, giving his hand a claw-like appearance.

Anthony Loffredo, a 33-year-old from France, is steadfast in his quest to completely alter his appearance. His extensive modifications include splitting his tongue, removing his nose, and covering his body with tattoos and piercings.

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Despite undergoing numerous extreme changes, such as the removal of his upper lip earlier this year, Anthony states that he has only achieved 34 percent of his desired transformation.

For over a decade, Anthony has pursued radical body modifications, often at significant risk, including procedures like eyeball tattooing that temporarily impaired his vision.

His commitment to pushing boundaries has led him to surgically remove both his ears in his quest for an extraterrestrial look, along with other changes like tongue-splitting.

Anthony has traveled the world for his various transformations, seeking medical procedures abroad due to their illegality in his native France. Last year, he went to Spain for the surgical removal of his nose.

His facial features are further altered with dermal implants, giving him a textured appearance, with defined lines etched across his cheekbones.

On his Instagram account, the Black Alien Project, which has 718,000 followers, Anthony shares his extraordinary journey, consistently astonishing his audience with his dedication to changing his physical identity.

In a post-surgery image, Anthony displayed his latest modification, an “alien claw,” showing a bloodied, stitched scar on his hand, captioned with “I develop my inner peace.”

While his bold modifications often provoke mixed reactions, Anthony’s courage garners both admiration and criticism from his followers.

One commenter remarked, “This is both unsettling and fascinating. I couldn’t embark on such a path, but I admire your dedication to your dreams.”

Another praised Anthony, saying, “Congratulations on progressing with the project. It is incredibly impressive.”
However, there are critics as well, with one stating, “This is a blatant disrespect to those who have lost limbs and seek to function as the human body should.”

Amidst the diverse reactions, Anthony remains unwavering in his transformation journey, a passion he has nurtured since a young age.

“I had a turning point while working as a security guard,” he shared with French newspaper Midi Libre in 2017. “I realized I wasn’t living the life I truly wanted. At 24, I made the drastic decision to leave everything behind and move to Australia. Over time, it has become second nature for me to constantly envision and plan my future transformations.”

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