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NCAA Revokes Lia Thomas’ National Championship Title Amid Controversial Test Results

Swimmer Lia Thomas gained widespread attention last year when, amid controversy over her gender identity, she broke numerous NCAA swimming records, depriving over 1600 dedicated athletes of the Women’s National Championship.

Following an extensive inquiry, the NCAA has decided to annul Thomas’ championship title, retract her records, and refer her case to the Indiana State Attorney for potential legal action on allegations of deceit.

“We encountered some concerning test outcomes,” stated NCAA President Joe Barron. “Results that we cannot disregard. It appears there may have been misrepresentation.”

The tests under scrutiny were part of the standard protocol for transgender athletes. They covered various aspects including hormone levels, use of performance-enhancing drugs, and cognitive evaluations, which determined Thomas’ eligibility for league participation and awards.

“While her hormone levels were within bounds and no PED use was detected,” Barron continued, “she exhibited uncertainty on the cognitive reasoning assessment regarding the definition of a woman and her stance on ‘wokeness.’ Such ambiguity is incompatible with representing the league.”

Indeed, it’s unacceptable. Particularly with Donald Trump returning to the White House. The nation is tired of woke culture and eager for its end. We couldn’t agree more. It’s time for America to reclaim its essence. Whenever that was.

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