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Mother with Extensive Tattoos Faces Job Struggles Amidst Social Stigma

Despite facing derogatory remarks from her peers branding her a “freak,” a mother remains a role model to her two beloved children.

The woman, Melissa Sloan, 46, hailing from Wales, has had a complex relationship with tattoos for the past 26 years.

Her body is adorned with around 800 tattoos, a collection she started at the age of twenty. However, societal rejection due to her ink-covered appearance has made securing employment a daunting task.

Sloan acknowledges her addiction to tattoos, comparing it to other addictive habits like smoking or drinking. Rejected by tattoo parlors, she now tattoos herself using her own kit, continuing to add new ink despite societal barriers.

“I carry the tattoo gun with me everywhere. I’ll tattoo myself in the car or wherever I can,” Sloan shared, emphasizing her commitment to her passion.

Despite her efforts, job opportunities are scarce due to the visible tattoos, leaving Sloan frustrated and marginalized.


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“I’ve faced rejection even for menial jobs like cleaning toilets,” Sloan lamented. “People judge me without knowing my capabilities. It’s disheartening.”

Sloan’s appearance has subjected her to ridicule and discrimination whenever she ventures outside, further exacerbating her sense of isolation.

Even attending school events with her children has become challenging, with Sloan enduring judgmental stares and comments.

“The kids notice the stares, but I encourage them to ignore the negativity,” Sloan remarked, expressing concern about the impact on her children.

Despite the challenges, Sloan remains resolute in her identity, asserting her right to self-expression.

“My children admire my tattoos, and I encourage them to express themselves too,” Sloan stated, highlighting her positive influence on her children.

Before her tattoo journey, Sloan’s appearance was unremarkable. Photos on her Instagram showcase her pre-tattooed face, emphasizing the drastic transformation.

While societal norms may ostracize her, Sloan remains unapologetically true to herself, serving as an inspiration to her children and anyone embracing their individuality.


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A post shared by Melissa Sloan (@melissa.sloan.357284)

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