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Little boy’s potty-training talk is so funny it makes dad cry with laughter

I’m sure everyone has experienced embarrassment from things they did at some point in their life. However, some of those moments also make us laugh, and we look back at them as exciting parts of our life experiences.

This viral video of a little boy who is potty-training and making everyone laugh will surely be something he will either be proud of or embarrassed about when he grows up.

But regardless of the ‘consequences,’ we know this will bring a huge smile to everyone who sees it. It shows that this little boy will grow into a person with a vibrant personality, ready to make everyone’s day.

We are so glad Matty’s parents decided to record this experience. As his mom is filming, the child can be heard saying, “I didn’t poop, I peed.” And he knows what he says is funny, so he puts in some extra effort and says it in a sassy voice.

His daddy found this so hilarious that he asked Matty once again if he pooped, to which the kid says, “No, I peed.” He then says it a couple more times, each time with a sassier voice than before. The dad just couldn’t hold it together and burst out laughing.

The laughter was so hard that Matty’s dad even started crying. Matty was a bit surprised because he thought people only cry when they are sad, so he got a bit worried for his daddy and asked, “Are you sad, daddy?”

But daddy was there to calm him down and tried to explain that people sometimes cry when they are very happy too. It looked like Matty understood that and felt relieved.

On top of that, he wanted to cheer his daddy up even more by repeating the words again and again.

People loved Matty so much that the video of him was shared more than 800,000 times and had 283,000 likes. It made the day of around 27 million people in just three weeks, which shows how much everyone loved it.

We just hope that when he sees it in a couple of years, Matty will love it as much as we did.

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