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Jenna Bush Hager Explains Why She Never Wears Underwear

In a surprising admission, Hoda Kotb got Jenna Bush Hager to reveal something that typically only her husband would know. During a segment of “Today with Hoda and Jenna,” Jenna confessed that she goes without underwear. The daughter of the former president admitted that she opts out of wearing panties even while working for the Today show. Hoda, seizing the opportunity to tease her younger colleague, playfully disclosed Jenna’s secret during an on-air broadcast of their program.

During Wednesday’s show, Hoda praised Jenna’s polished appearance, whether she’s on set for the show or spending time at home with her family.

Jenna, sensing where Hoda was leading the conversation, quickly interjected, “I know where she’s going with this.”

“I got a little surprise this morning,” Hoda continued.

Jenna, visibly embarrassed, attempted to halt the discussion by tapping Hoda’s arm. However, her efforts were in vain as the seasoned presenter persisted.

“You promised you wouldn’t do this!” Jenna protested. “There are a lot of people here.”

Hoda couldn’t contain her laughter as she attempted to compose herself to deliver Jenna’s revelation. Realizing that Hoda was determined to reveal her personal secret, Jenna relented, saying, “Go ahead. It’s too late.”

“I was taken aback. Because Jenna and I know a lot about each other. Anyway, we both had to change before the show. And we were like, ‘oh, we gotta go back into the changing room,'” recounted Hoda.

“Well, first, my dress zipper popped open,” Jenna interjected.

“Right,” Hoda confirmed before continuing, “Then I noticed….”

Pausing for dramatic effect, Hoda eventually divulged, “Jenna never wears underwear,” publicly exposing Jenna’s habit to millions of viewers.

Jenna attempted to recover by explaining her rationale for eschewing underwear while filming the Today show.

“I think it creates a smoother silhouette,” Jenna offered.

After Hoda’s on-air revelation, she pressed Jenna to explain if it was hygienic. Hoda inquired whether Jenna had to do additional laundry loads due to her preference for going without underwear.

“She asked, ‘Do you wash your clothes?’ and I said, ‘Yes, I do,'” Jenna shared. “But it’s not like I’m sharing my jeans with you. Although, I do borrow Savannah’s pants sometimes. And I do want to borrow that red suit of yours. Can I? But I’ll wear underwear.”

In a conversation with US Weekly, Hoda expressed her discomfort with women opting not to wear underwear.

“First of all, panty lines—I get it, okay?” said Hoda. “I know that’s what she’s worried about. What the heck?”

Savannah Guthrie also chimed in, expressing her concerns about Jenna’s choice to go commando.

“You know what? Enough [because] she also borrows my clothes every single day, and then she puts them right back,” Guthrie told US Weekly. “Yeah, no underwear. I found that out too late!”

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