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Jay Leno reveals his unexpected retirement thoughts while recovering from a harrowing car fire and motorcycle accident.

In late 2022, the famed former host of The Tonight Show faced a series of unfortunate events that left him dealing with the aftermath of two significant incidents, resulting in multiple injuries across his body.

The first incident occurred the previous year when the 73-year-old comedian was involved in a severe car fire. Pursuing his passion for vintage cars, Jay Leno was diligently working on one in his Los Angeles home garage.

Little did he know that this day would forever be etched in his memory. The tragic turn of events resulted in severe second and third-degree burns on his body, requiring a nine-day stay at the prestigious Grossman Burn Center in West Hills.

However, fate seemed relentless in its pursuit of Jay Leno’s well-being.
While riding his motorcycle, Jay Leno experienced an accident that left him with a broken collarbone and two fractured ribs, compounding his physical struggles.

Despite these consecutive misfortunes, the comedian’s resilient spirit prevailed as he continues to lead the engaging programs Jay Leno’s Garage and the NBC game show You Bet Your Life.

During an exclusive interview at the premiere of Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge, Leno shared insights into his retirement plans, or lack thereof, and the circumstances that could influence his decision to step back from public life.

Determined to stay active in the late-night realm, the seasoned host firmly stated his intention to continue his professional pursuits, dismissing any thoughts of retirement unless unforeseen health issues, such as a stroke, forced him to reconsider. He candidly remarked, “That’s when you retire, when you have your stroke.”

Jay Leno’s remarkable resilience became evident as he bounced back admirably from his recent challenges, swiftly returning to work and even revisiting the scenes of his unfortunate accidents following a lengthy hospitalization period that included skin grafting procedures.

He made a triumphant comeback to the stage at the prestigious Comedy Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California, where a sold-out audience welcomed him with thunderous applause.

Reflecting on the car fire incident during an interview conducted a month afterward, the amiable host acknowledged the occupational hazards of working on cars. He commented, “When you work with cars, accidents happen,” highlighting the magnitude of this particular incident.

He candidly recalled his realization during the fire, stating, “I knew how close I was to the pilot light, and I thought, ‘Uh oh.’”

Describing the sensation as akin to enduring an intense sunburn, he emphasized feeling like his face was on fire. During his hospital stay, Jay Leno underwent two challenging skin graft surgeries, essential for promoting the growth of healthy, rejuvenated skin.

Additionally, he underwent sessions in hyperbaric chambers to enhance tissue oxygenation, a crucial component of the healing process.

Remarkably, he chose to forego painkillers throughout his recovery, viewing their use as a poignant reminder of his misjudgment and a means of staying focused on his situation.

Jay Leno’s extensive career elicited an outpouring of support from loved ones and well-known acquaintances, underscoring his profound impact in the entertainment industry.

During his time at the burn center, his devoted wife of 43 years, Mavis, recounted touching gestures of solidarity from industry peers.

She shared, “John Travolta sent a large Italian basket, Tom Selleck sent a beautiful bouquet, and Russell Crowe reached out all the way from Australia.”

These demonstrations of affection deeply moved the couple, highlighting the enduring camaraderie forged over the course of their illustrious careers.

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