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Imagining Chaz Bono’s Appearance Today Without Gender Transition: 6 AI-Generated Photos

Chaz Bono, originally Chastity Bono, mesmerized audiences with his gender transition journey.

But, let’s consider an alternate scenario where Chaz didn’t undertake his gender transition.
In these six AI-generated images, we speculate on his possible appearance today, reflecting features reminiscent of his iconic mother, Cher.

Singer and actress Cher is a mother of two. She welcomed her first child, Chaz Bono (born Chastity), on March 4, 1969, with her ex-husband Sonny Bono. On July 10, 1976, Cher became a mother again, giving birth to her son, Elijah Blue Allman, with her ex-husband Gregg Allman.

Chaz, born female, underwent gender transition as an adult. In his youth, Cher carefully shielded him from excessive public exposure and pressure. However, Chaz eagerly sought the spotlight and urged his mother to feature him on the “Cher” series.

Eventually, Cher relented, and Chaz made a surprise guest appearance on the last episode of the final season. “She felt right at home, having grown up around television studios, and we both enjoyed it more because we could be together,” recalled Cher.

As Chaz matured, Cher prioritized honesty with her child above all else. She communicated truthfully with Chaz in a way tailored to his understanding as a young individual. Cher’s demeanor towards Chaz was softer compared to interactions with adults, fostering a deep respect between them.

When asked if she envisioned Chaz becoming an entertainer, Cher responded, “Certainly, if that’s what she desires.” She described Chaz as musically inclined and unafraid of audiences, unlike herself, who sometimes felt apprehensive in crowds.

“If she chooses to pursue singing or acting, it will be her decision. She has ample time. Meanwhile, I’m proud of the person she’s becoming, and I’m grateful she’s my friend,” added Cher.

At 19, Chaz revealed a preference for subdued, casual fashion over his mother’s flashy style. He often sported T-shirts and jeans, diverging from his mother’s wardrobe choices.

Reflecting on their dynamic, Chaz humorously remarked, “Sometimes, I’m the parent, and Mom acts like a kid.” He recalled advising against his mother’s desire to add a white streak to her short, jet-black hair, citing potential public perceptions.

In 1995, Chaz, prior to transitioning, came out as a lesbian. Cher admitted struggling to accept this revelation, acknowledging her uncharacteristic difficulty in embracing her daughter’s choice.

Cher pondered the challenge of loving individuals who deviate from societal norms, underscoring the importance of empathy and acceptance in such situations.

Following Chaz’s gender transition in 2009, their relationship evolved once more. Cher shared poignant reflections on understanding and supporting her transgender child, aiming to convey solidarity and love to other parents in similar situations.

Cher’s early exposure to the LGBTQ community at nine years old fostered a sense of kinship with those who felt marginalized, like herself.

Chaz’s transition prompted soul-searching conversations and ultimately strengthened their bond, with Cher expressing joy in her son’s happiness and pride in his journey.

Chaz’s hypothetical appearance as Chastity showcases a striking resemblance to Cher, featuring captivating eyes and a defined facial structure. Despite his transition, Chaz values his mother’s unwavering support and remains grateful for her encouragement throughout his journey.

While glimpses into Chaz’s alternative appearance evoke curiosity, he remains focused on his present and future, embracing his identity as a trans man and cherishing his bond with his supportive mother, Cher.

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