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Fans of the Fox News talk show ‘The Five’ are expressing strong dissatisfaction with co-host Jessica Tarlov following her insensitive remarks about a viral song titled ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ by Oliver Anthony.

The hit song has sparked diverse opinions online, shedding light on a deeply divided America where right-wing enthusiasts seem to embrace it while leftists criticize it vehemently.

Despite mixed reception, the song has gone viral, amassing nearly 20 million views on social media and catching the attention of ‘The Five’, where Jessica Tarlov labeled it as “fat shaming” due to its controversial lyrics.

Her remarks have sparked outrage among many fans, prompting calls for Tarlov to be permanently replaced by Fox News host Katie Pavlich.

Why the Backlash Against Jessica Tarlov?
Jessica Tarlov, a rotating co-host on ‘The Five’ known for her left-wing perspective, often faces criticism for her political analyses, particularly during crucial moments and discussions.

During a recent segment discussing Oliver Anthony’s anthem, ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’, which portrays the struggles of rural, white working-class individuals, Tarlov’s comments did not resonate well with viewers.

She specifically criticized the lyric “And the obese milkin’ welfare”, interpreting it as an attack on overweight individuals and defending her stance despite the song’s intent to critique government policies affecting rural Americans.


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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene even hailed the song as the “anthem of the forgotten Americans”, contrasting sharply with Tarlov’s interpretation.

Tarlov’s remarks sparked widespread criticism from fans, urging producers to replace her with Katie Pavlich.


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Fans Call for Jessica Tarlov’s Replacement
Following the segment, ‘The Five’ shared a clip of the discussion on Instagram, igniting a wave of backlash against Tarlov for her remarks.

One fan commented, “Jessica, this is the second time you’ve made insensitive comments about middle America. You have no idea! A wealthy woman pretending to understand paycheck-to-paycheck living.”

Another stated, “I wish I could enjoy ‘The Five’ but Jessica ruins it. Katie, please take her seat permanently!!”

A third echoed similar sentiments, urging Fox producers to take action: “Hopefully Fox producers are paying attention. Jessica Tarlov makes me change the channel.”

Several others expressed frustration with Tarlov’s contributions, with one fan noting, “I love when Katie is on to counter Jessica’s rambling,” and another lamenting, “Why do we always have to endure Jessica? Sorry, but I can’t watch anymore.”

Another commenter summed it up, saying, “As soon as Tarlov starts talking, she ruins what could have been a great segment. She’s making #thefive unwatchable.”

The controversy underscores ongoing debates over media representation and political biases, particularly within the context of ‘The Five’ and its viewership.

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