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A Man Went To Visit His 90 Year Old Grandfather

A man went to visit his 90-year-old grandfather in a remote rural area of the state where he lived. After spending the night, his grandfather made breakfast for him, serving eggs and bacon. He noticed a filmy substance on his plate and asked his grandfather, “Are these plates clean?” His grandfather replied, “Those plates are as clean as cold water can get them, so go ahead and finish your meal.”

That afternoon, while eating the hamburgers his grandfather had made for lunch, he noticed tiny specks around the edge of his plate and what looked like dried egg yolk. So he asked again, “Are you sure these plates are clean?” Without looking up from his hamburger, the grandfather replied, “I told you before, those dishes are as clean as cold water can get them. Now don’t ask me about it anymore!”

Later that afternoon, he was preparing to go out to dinner in a nearby town. As he was leaving, his grandfather’s dog started growling and wouldn’t let him pass. So he said, “Grandfather, your dog won’t let me out.” Without taking his eyes off the football game he was watching on TV, his grandfather shouted, “Cold Water, go lay down!”

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