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A Farmer Discovered Black Eggs, and When THIS Hatched, He Couldn’t Believe His Eyes

You may have encountered chickens with a few black feathers, but have you ever seen chickens that are entirely black?

When I stumbled upon these images, I initially questioned my eyesight.

However, it appears this is genuine. There exists a rare breed of black chickens known as Ayam Cemani.

Ayam Cemani chickens boast a striking all-black appearance, from their feathers and skin to their beaks, claws, flesh, and internal organs.

These chickens exhibit an almost metallic black sheen, rendering them quite exquisite, don’t you think?

In the past, fully-grown Ayam Cemani chickens have fetched prices as high as $2,500 in the United States.

The black coloring in this breed is attributed to a dominant gene that induces excess pigmentation in the birds, a condition known as fibromelanosis.

While Ayam Cemani hens lay cream-colored eggs, the notion that these chickens possess black blood is unfounded.

During the 1990s, Ayam Cemani chickens were initially introduced to Europe. In Indonesia, there are claims of these chickens possessing “mystical” powers, though skepticism may be warranted.

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