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Marjorie Taylor Greene claims ‘great victory’ over Mike Johnson despite humiliating defeat

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) insisted she achieved a “great victory” after her effort to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) was overwhelmingly defeated.

During a Thursday interview, right-wing podcast host Steve Bannon reminded Greene she had been booed by her colleagues when she brought the “motion to vacate” to the House floor on Wednesday.

“You heard the K Street money just absolutely through the instruments of the Democratic Party and the Republican people that have been bought off, booed you, you know, lustily,” Bannon said.

“Well, that was exactly what I expected, Steve,” Greene replied. “And you know, I think it was a great victory yesterday.”

“It was a great victory for the American people to see the truth, for the curtain to be drawn back and them to see the ugly truth.”

Greene blamed “the uniparty” because her motion went down in flames after it was tabled with a bipartisan vote.

“You can talk about the special interests controlling Washington, D.C., but the vote yesterday proved that Mike Johnson is completely bought and paid for by the Democrats,” she opined.

The lawmaker claimed “all the lies were proven” with her failed vote but didn’t explain herself.

“Democrats can’t take control of the House,” she continued. “[Democratic leader] Hakeem Jeffries cannot become Speaker of the House, because we have the votes and we hold the majority.”

“But Hakeem Jeffries is indeed Speaker today because Democrats saved Mike Johnson,” Greene said confusingly.

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