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Trump Drops Bombshell Reveals Iran’s Secret Phone Call Before Launching Strikes on U.S. Bases

In a startling revelation during a Fox News interview on Sunday, former US President Donald Trump claimed that Iran contacted him before launching missile strikes on Iraqi bases hosting US troops in 2020, considering it a sign of “respect.” According to Trump, Iran informed him of the intended strike, assuring that they would deliberately miss their targets as a response to the US killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

Trump asserted, “And we had 16 missiles that went off. ( 🔗 BREAKING: Trump’s Right-Hand Man Dies After Brutal Attack, Here is What Happened ) And we knew they weren’t going to hit. And now I reveal it – so they aimed those missiles and they said ‘please don’t attack us, we’re not going to hit you.’ That was respect, we had respect.”

Trump provided no evidence for his claim, contradicting official accounts of the events on January 8, 2020, when Iran launched missiles at US bases.

The Pentagon reported over a dozen ballistic missiles hitting bases in Al Asad and Erbil, leading to injuries. Iran’s attack followed the US drone strike killing Soleimani and his Iraqi ally. Despite fears of war, Trump opted for sanctions, expressing willingness for peace. (news-us.feednews.com) He also alleged Israel’s involvement in the plot against Soleimani, a claim unsupported by evidence and denied by Israeli officials.

Trump’s unverified claims on Iran’s contact before the attack and Israel’s role raise questions about the accuracy of his statements. As he runs for president in 2024, his criticism of the Biden administration’s foreign policy, especially regarding Iran, amplifies. Experts challenge Trump’s assertions, arguing that his past approach failed to contain Iran and exacerbated regional tensions.

The emotional impact of these revelations lies in the potential ramifications for international relations, Trump’s political narrative, and the delicate balance between the US, Iran, and Israel.

The public awaits further scrutiny and analysis to grasp the implications of this unexpected disclosure. ( 📺 Remarks on Trump ‘Is My Favorite Thing He’s Done in Months’, Says Meghan McCain ) ( 📺 Trump’s Startling Attack on His Prosecutors, “Bad people who hate our Country” )

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