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Section of Trump’s Donors Breaks Silence Following Learning Former President Used Money to Pay Lawyers

Amidst revelations that over $55 million in contributions funded Trump’s legal expenses in 2023, a significant portion of donors, mainly small-dollar contributors, are speaking out.

Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat delves into this disclosure, emphasizing that the majority of funds came from working-class individuals and retirees. ( 📄 Trump’s Startling Attack on His Prosecutors, “Bad people who hate our Country” )

The astonishing fact emerges that more than 39,000 residents in Washington state alone contributed $1.34 million, with an average donation of $34 from everyday citizens like school custodians, handymen, and retired bank employees.

In an interview, a retired bank employee from Seattle, who contributed “a few hundred bucks” to Trump’s campaign, displays nonchalance about the substantial legal spending, saying, “If he’s defending himself with my money, then that’s more than fine with me.”

This sentiment highlights a subset of Trump’s donor base that remains steadfast in supporting him amid legal challenges.

Trump’s strategic campaign efforts, rallying supporters on days of criminal indictments, led to a surge in fundraising, as revealed by a Politico analysis of campaign finance reports. (news-us.feednews.com) Despite facing four criminal indictments, the unwavering loyalty of Trump’s donor community becomes apparent.

While critics express concern about the considerable legal expenses drawn from donor funds, the perspective of the interviewed donor sheds light on the resilience within Trump’s support base. ( 🔗 Historian Warns of Supreme Court’s ‘Ridiculous’ Ruling regarding Trump )

As the former president confronts legal challenges, the reactions of his donors underscore the intricate and diverse nature of Trump’s political ecosystem.

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