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Mother, 33, hanged herself after she was left ‘completely broken’ when her hand was amputated following years of delays to her cancer treatment

In a heart-wrenching tragedy, 33-year-old Beth Reilly from Furness Vale, Derbyshire, took her own life, shattered by the profound impact of delayed cancer treatment that ultimately led to the amputation of her hand. The family, grappling with the devastating loss, is now investigating the circumstances surrounding Beth’s death, a process heightened by the inexplicable delays in her medical care. Beth’s journey began in April 2019 when she sought medical attention for a small lump on her wedding ring finger, initially dismissed as a benign ganglion. Over the next eight months, her symptoms were reviewed twice, revealing a possible cancerous lesion only after an MRI scan.

Photo credit: Ms Reilly, right, pictured with her daughter, was  ‘completely broken’ after cancer delays

The harrowing revelation prompted advice for referral to a specialist sarcoma cancer service, a crucial step delayed for five months due to an administrative error—samples from her surgery logged incorrectly. By the time Beth was finally referred, her sarcoma had metastasized, leading to the distressing amputation of her hand. Struggling with the emotional toll of her diagnosis and the subsequent loss of her independence, Beth faced insurmountable challenges that ultimately culminated in her decision to end her life on July 31 last year.

Photo credit: Beth Reilly, left, first went to her GP in April 2019 with a small lump on her wedding ring finger

Her mother, Hazel, grieving the profound loss, expressed the unimaginable pain of losing Beth in such a tragic manner. ( 🔗 New Regulations for Al Fresco Dining in NYC; Restaurants Must Apply by August Deadline ) Beth’s struggles with cancer and the subsequent amputation left her shattered, unable to cope with the dependency on others for even the simplest tasks. Hazel, grappling with the anguish of informing her grandchildren about their mother’s sudden departure, emphasized the need for answers regarding the delayed diagnosis, asserting that Beth deserves the truth.

Photo credit: The mother-of-three’s family are investigating potential legal action following her suicide

Beth, a support worker and mother to Jaicey, April, and Teddy-Lee, fought a silent battle against a rare form of cancer, enduring the agony of a misdiagnosis and delayed treatment. Hazel, seeking closure and determined to uncover the truth, emphasized the importance of awareness about cancer and the critical role early detection plays in its prognosis. ( 🔗 Deployment of Federal Troops and Armored Vehicles to Texas Amid Biden’s National Guard Removal Strategy ) Nicola Ashton, a specialist medical negligence lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing Hazel, acknowledged the traumatic nature of Beth’s passing and highlighted the family’s ongoing quest for answers.

As the family awaits an inquest into Beth’s death, questions linger about the adequacy of her medical care and the potential interventions that could have altered the course of her tragic journey. The Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, implicated in the delayed referrals, is yet to comment on the matter. ( In sharing Beth’s poignant story, her loved ones aim to raise awareness about the devastating consequences of delayed cancer treatment and the imperative need for early detection. In the face of profound loss, they embark on a journey seeking justice for Beth and advocating for a healthcare system that prioritizes timely and accurate diagnosis to prevent others from enduring a similar fate.

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