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“Protecting Trump: Jill Biden’s Former Husband Speaks Out Against Alleged Retaliation”

Amidst an interview with The New York Post, Bill Stevenson, Dr. Jill Biden’s ex-husband, has unveiled allegations of being targeted by what he terms the “Biden crime family” over the years. (news-us.feednews.com) Stevenson, who disclosed these claims on Newsmax’s Greg Kelly show, draws striking parallels between his experiences nearly 50 years ago and the alleged tactics employed against former President Donald Trump. The focal point of his assertions centers around an encounter during his mid-1970s divorce from Jill Biden, involving President Biden’s brother, Frank Biden, who, according to Stevenson, issued a demand with a veiled threat. This incident, he contends, led to him and his brother facing an $8,200 tax charge—an intimidation tactic orchestrated by the Biden family, in his belief. ( 📈 Biden Addresses Speculation on Gavin Newsom’s Role in the 2024 Presidential Race ) Stevenson, expressing his support for Trump, emphasized, “I can’t let them do what they did to me to President Trump. I can’t do it.” As Stevenson raises these allegations against Joe Biden and his family, he clarifies that his grievances are not directed at his ex-wife, Jill, stating, “To this day, I still care about her, to be perfectly honest. ( 🔗 Senator Mitt Romney Unveils Startling Discovery in Biden’s $200 Billion Government Expenditure ) And everybody around me knows that. ( 📈 Senator Mitt Romney Unveils Startling Discovery in Biden’s $200 Billion Government Expenditure ) My problem is with Joe Biden.”

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Jill Biden and Ex-husband Bill Stevenson. Photo Credit: Mega/Newsmax

The timing of Stevenson’s revelations, just weeks before the state’s Republican caucuses in Iowa, adds complexity to the political landscape, showcasing the enduring nature of personal and familial conflicts intertwined with broader political narratives. Stevenson’s claims revive discussions about the influence and actions of political families, with the term “crime family” carrying significant connotations. These allegations prompt questions about the intersection of personal vendettas and political power, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals entangled in high-profile divorces and subsequent legal battles. As Stevenson prepares to release his book, the Biden family faces renewed scrutiny, with the potential for these allegations to become a focal point in the political discourse. The echoes of past conflicts recounted by Stevenson create a backdrop against which the complexities of personal relationships and political power play out on a public stage.

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