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Mother Receives Life Sentence for Savagely Taking the Life of Newborn in Front of Shocked Onlookers

In a chilling and tragic incident, a 21-year-old Mississippi mother, Mikaylia Shaylynn Jolley, has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. This harsh verdict follows her admission to repeatedly slamming her two-month-old daughter, Khalysie Lashay Jolley, onto the ground, causing fatal injuries. Described by the district attorney as an “unexplainable and heinous” crime, witnesses, including the baby’s grandmother, observed the horrifying act on May 12, 2022. Disturbingly, Jolley grabbed the baby by the ankles and slammed her onto the pavement multiple times. The violent episode unfolded in full view, prompting multiple 911 calls. (

Photo credit: Babies Christopher X and Harriett, aborted later in pregnancy, were found in a medical waste bin outside of a D.C. abortion business.

Upon police arrival, they discovered that after committing this brutal act, Jolley callously left her injured baby girl in the road and fled into the woods. ( Khalysie was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to her injuries two days later, which included severe brain swelling and bleeding, extensive skull fractures, a broken left thumb, a broken right elbow, abrasions, and hemorrhages to her eyes. Assistant District Attorney Kathryn Newman recounted, “Makaylia Jolley took Khalysie by the ankles, slammed her into the pavement multiple times, and then left her there.”

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Jolley, who later pleaded guilty to capital murder, was sentenced by Rankin County Circuit Judge Steve Ratcliff, proclaiming that she would spend the rest of her life in prison. Despite Jolley claiming the injury was accidental and driven by unknown factors, evidence suggests she may have been under the influence of drugs during the incident.

The tragedy doesn’t end with this horrifying crime; it extends to the witnesses who were forced to endure the traumatic event. ( “Law enforcement, the EMTs, the firefighters, there were innocent people… I don’t believe you can ever get those images out of your mind,” expressed Assistant District Attorney Kathryn Newman. ( 📺 Alleged Scheme Reveals Organized Beheading of Ukrainian Generals ) This unspeakable act of violence, witnessed by unsuspecting individuals, leaves an indelible mark on their memory. ( 📺 The Side Effects of Sleeping Without Removing Your Socks: 5 Compelling Reasons ) ( 📈 Congressional Decision on Mayorkas Impeachment Announced by Speaker Mike Johnson )

Amidst the shock and sorrow surrounding this particular case, a stark contrast emerges in the political landscape. Recent amendments in several states, including California, Michigan, Ohio, and Vermont, have allowed the violent deaths of preborn babies up to birth. These amendments permit brutal procedures such as starvation, dismemberment, and lethal injection, sparking controversy and applause in equal measure. (

In Washington, D.C., where abortion is legal throughout pregnancy, the gruesome deaths of babies like Christopher X and Harriet remain uninvestigated, highlighting a disturbing legal framework. More than half of all states permit dismemberment (D&E) abortion, the most brutal among legally sanctioned procedures, adding another layer to the contentious abortion debate.

While Mississippi now stands as a state with protections for preborn children, it’s crucial to reflect on the disparities in public outrage. The horrific murder of baby Khalysie rightfully shocks society, yet the acceptance and approval of procedures leading to violent preborn deaths provoke a complex and emotional response. This tragedy sheds light on the need for thoughtful consideration of ethical, legal, and societal dimensions in discussions surrounding life, death, and the sanctity of both. ( 📈 Whoopi Is Finished – “The View” Co-Host Joy Behar Explodes On Air, Cameras Abruptly Halt )

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