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‘Unacceptable Harm’: Biden Admin Says He Will Veto Budget Bills For Vets, Farmers To Protect Leftist Priorities

President Joe Biden’s administration has issued a stern warning to Republicans, stating that he will veto two GOP-drafted appropriations bills crucial to avoiding a limited government shutdown. The bills in question are H.R. 4366, which deals with Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, and H.R. 4368, focused on agriculture, rural development, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The bills have advanced to the House Rules Committee, which holds considerable power in determining their fate on the House floor. ( 🔗 Biden Faces Fury over Black Voters Neglect: Reparations Activists Demand Swift Action ) However, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), responsible for overseeing all Executive Branch spending, released two policy statements asserting that Biden will veto the bills as they currently stand. The primary reason cited for this stance is that the bills seek to defund left-wing priorities.

In their policy statements, the OMB raised concerns about certain provisions within the bills that they deemed harmful to various administrative actions. They mentioned the inclusion of “billions in additional rescissions from the [Inflation Reduction Act]” and other vital legislation, which could adversely impact clean energy, energy efficiency initiatives, and critical investments in rural America. (whitehouse.gov) The OMB also expressed opposition to provisions in both bills that could negatively affect access to reproductive healthcare and threaten the health and safety of LGBTQI+ Americans.

One specific concern highlighted by the OMB regarding H.R. 4366 was a provision that would prevent the use of taxpayer funds to transfer detainees imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. According to the OMB, this provision could interfere with the President’s authority to determine the appropriate disposition of GTMO detainees. Additionally, the OMB took issue with a provision in the same bill that would restrict the Department of Veterans Affairs from using taxpayer funds to aid veterans seeking abortions, except under limited exceptions. They argued that this change could hinder the VA from providing necessary care to veterans when the woman’s health is endangered.

Regarding H.R. 4368, the OMB expressed its opposition to restrictions on accessibility to mifepristone, a pharmaceutical used for chemical abortion. The drug is currently subject to a legal battle, with a conservative group suing the FDA for permitting its use, while the Supreme Court has ordered it to remain available while the case is pending. The OMB also criticized the bills for reducing funding for various programs and limiting regulatory capabilities, expressing concerns about the FDA’s ability to protect the nation’s youth from tobacco products.

The stakes are high, as Biden’s potential veto of these bills could lead to a government shutdown of the affected agencies and departments if the House does not amend the bills and obtain the President’s signature before September 30. Republicans’ insistence on drafting spending bills below the caps established in the agreement with Biden, aimed at averting a debt default, has further complicated the situation. (thehill.com) (scotusblog.com) (govinfo.gov) (govinfo.gov)

As the deadline approaches and the nation faces the looming specter of a government shutdown, the political landscape remains tense and uncertain. ( 📺 “This is Where We’re Getting It Wrong” Kamala Harris Slams Biden Govt Again as 2024 Politics Heat Up ) ( 📄 Abbott Fires at Biden’s DOJ over Border Battle: Don’t Mess With Texas, You Will Face the Consequence ) (whitehouse.gov) The fate of these appropriations bills and the potential implications for various priorities and programs hang in the balance. (whitehouse.gov) (whitehouse.gov) It remains to be seen how both parties will navigate this contentious issue and reach a resolution that serves the best interests of the American people.

We invite our politically mature audience to share their thoughts and insights on this matter in the comments section below. As a pivotal moment in our nation’s governance approaches, we value your perspectives and engagement in this crucial discussion. Let us collectively explore the potential consequences of a government shutdown and the broader implications of these appropriations bills on our country’s future. ( 📄 Leaked Emails Badly Expose Hunter Biden Hours to Much Anticipated Federal Court Arraignment ) (govexec.com) (dailycaller.com)

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