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Questions raised about disowned Biden granddaughter’s security

In the midst of the media frenzy surrounding the disownment of Hunter Biden’s love child, 4-year-old Navy Joan Roberts, a critical concern seems to have been overshadowed – the potential security threat to her and her mother, Lunden Roberts. While heightened security measures have been implemented for other prominent figures, the U.S. Secret Service appears to have neglected providing protection for Navy Joan Roberts and Lunden Roberts, despite documented threats. The legal watchdog group, Judicial Watch, has taken action, filing a Freedom of Information Act suit to unravel the mystery behind the lack of security for this innocent child.

Despite recent security measures taken for prominent public figures like Trump special counsel Jack Smith, the absence of protection for Navy Joan Roberts raises eyebrows and raises questions about the Biden administration’s priorities. Judicial Watch, known for its relentless pursuit of accountability, has sought answers by requesting all communications between the Bidens and the Secret Service regarding security for the unacknowledged granddaughter of Joe Biden. ( 📄 President Biden and Son, Hunter in Trouble After FBI Release Damning Report on Their Burisma Ties ) The fact that Joe Biden’s other grandchildren receive Secret Service protection while he is in office adds to the perplexity surrounding the denial of security for Navy Joan Roberts.

Amidst the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s personal affairs, the exclusion of Navy Joan Roberts from the family and the potential security threat she and her mother face have sparked outrage and concern. Joe Biden’s decision to distance himself from his own grandchild has been met with criticism, adding fuel to the fire surrounding this sensitive issue. (t.co) The public demands answers as to why this innocent child, irrespective of her family’s political position, is left unprotected while facing potential threats. ( 📰 House Democrat Loses It On Republicans Over ‘Ludicrous’ Hearing About the Bidens: ‘There’s No intelligent Life Down Here!’ )

The lack of security for Navy Joan Roberts becomes a moral imperative, beyond the realm of politics or public image. As an innocent child caught in the midst of family disputes and political turmoil, she deserves to be safeguarded and protected from any potential harm. The fact that her own grandfather, the President of the United States, has never acknowledged her only heightens the urgency to ensure her safety and well-being. ( 🔗 Biden’s Silence on Reparations For Black Americans, Sparks Frustration Amid Growing Momentum ) (dailysignal.com)

The lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch seeks transparency and accountability, calling for all information regarding the security arrangements for Navy Joan Roberts. ( 📰 FBI Official Reveals New Twist in Hunter Biden Laptop Saga ) The public deserves to know the truth behind the decision-making process and the reasons for this glaring discrepancy in security measures. As politically mature citizens, it is our duty to hold our elected leaders accountable for their actions, especially when the welfare of an innocent child is at stake.

In this charged political climate, let us come together to raise our voices for Navy Joan Roberts and Lunden Roberts, advocating for their safety and security. The wellbeing of an innocent child should transcend political divides, reminding us of our shared responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves. (washingtonexaminer.com) We invite you to share your thoughts and concerns in the comments below, as we seek to shed light on this critical issue and demand the accountability that this situation warrants. ( 📄 War of Words Erupt in The Democrat Camp Ahead of Primaries, Biden Referred as Most Corrupt President )

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