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Joe Biden Is The Second Most Unpopular President In Modern American History

Startling new polling data from FiveThirtyEight reveals that President Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted to a dismal 39%, making him the second most unpopular president in modern American history. (t.co) The only other president with a lower approval rating at this stage of his presidency was former President Jimmy Carter, who stood at a mere 29%. The implications of this dire public sentiment have sparked discussions and speculations about Biden’s chances for re-election, with some even suggesting that the Democrats might consider replacing him in 2024 with someone like Michelle Obama. The data paints a grim picture for the Biden administration, and it seems the only thing holding him in place is the fact that Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating is even worse.

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Throughout his presidency, Biden’s approval rating has been on a rollercoaster ride, experiencing a significant drop during the tumultuous Afghanistan withdrawal. Since that disastrous event, which tragically left 13 American servicemembers dead, Biden’s approval rating has failed to climb above 50%. As a result, his disapproval rating is currently hovering near an all-time high. When comparing the current situation to history, the parallels with Jimmy Carter’s presidency, which was decimated by Republican Ronald Reagan in the 1980 election, are evident, suggesting a tough road ahead for Biden’s chances in 2024.

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The decline in Biden’s popularity has prompted speculation about potential replacements within the Democratic party. Figures like political icon Roger Stone assert that Biden is simply too unpopular to secure re-election, leading to rumors that someone like Michelle Obama might be considered to take his place. ( 📰 Hunter Biden Says He Can’t Pay Child Support, But Look Where He Was Caught During His Very Bad Day ) Such speculation indicates the deep concern within the party about the implications of these historically low approval ratings.

However, the situation is not without its challenges. ( 📺 War of Words Erupt in The Democrat Camp Ahead of Primaries, Biden Referred as Most Corrupt President ) The approval rating for Vice President Kamala Harris is even worse than Biden’s. ( 📄 Questions raised about disowned Biden granddaughter’s security ) This raises questions about the overall viability of the Democratic ticket and highlights the uphill battle the White House would face in any future elections with such abysmal polling numbers. Winning an election with approval ratings as horrendous as these is an unprecedented task, reminiscent of the challenges faced by Jimmy Carter during his presidency.

As we delve into this perplexing situation, we must confront the question of Biden’s political future. Will he remain the Democratic nominee in 2024, despite the unpopularity? Or will the party consider a new candidate like Kamala Harris? The stakes are high, and the decisions made in the coming months will shape the future of American politics.

Now, we turn to you, our politically mature audience from the USA. What are your thoughts on Biden’s approval ratings and their potential implications? Do you believe the Democrats should consider replacing him in 2024, or is there a path to redemption for the current administration? (rare.us) Share your insights and opinions in the comments below, and let us engage in a heartfelt and emotionally charged conversation about the state of our nation’s leadership. ( 🔗 If Ukrainians Have 17 Tapes Of Biden Talking Bribes, Do You Think He’s Being Blackmailed? – Watters ) ( 📄 The powerful influence of Valerie Biden Owens—Joe’s ‘final gut check’ )

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