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If Ukrainians Have 17 Tapes Of Biden Talking Bribes, Do You Think He’s Being Blackmailed? – Watters

As the Biden corruption probe gains momentum, shocking allegations have emerged, suggesting that Ukrainian authorities possess 17 tapes containing conversations involving President Joe Biden discussing bribes with a Ukrainian individual. The bombshell claims surfaced after Senator Chuck Grassley released an FBI informant file, asserting that these tapes are in the possession of Ukrainian authorities. Meanwhile, popular TV presenter Jesse Watters has connected various dots, including the Biden laptop, texts, emails, bank records, whistleblowers, eyewitnesses, FBI informants, photographers, and voicemails to facilitate the investigation. Watters raised the pressing question of whether Biden is being blackmailed if the alleged tapes indeed exist.

The potential existence of these tapes has ignited a storm of controversy, with accusations flying from all sides of the political spectrum. If authenticated, these recordings could have severe implications for President Biden and his administration, suggesting possible involvement in corrupt practices during his tenure. However, many prominent politicians and media outlets have approached the news cautiously, highlighting the need for concrete evidence before drawing conclusions. ( 🔗 The powerful influence of Valerie Biden Owens—Joe’s ‘final gut check’ ) The White House promptly responded, with the Press Secretary clarifying that there is currently no evidence supporting the existence of such tapes or any claims of corrupt activities by President Biden.

In light of the controversy, the Department of Justice has launched a formal inquiry into the alleged tapes’ authenticity and origin. The investigation is being overseen by Attorney General and other senior officials to ensure transparency and impartiality. The involvement of the DOJ underscores the gravity of the allegations and the importance of a thorough examination of the evidence.

Amidst the investigation, Ukraine has expressed its commitment to cooperating with the United States. ( 📄 North Korea Warns U.S. May Have Given It Green Light For Nuclear Attack ) President Volodymyr Zelensky reaffirmed Ukraine’s dedication to the rule of law and pledged to provide any relevant information to American authorities. While the inquiry proceeds, critics of President Biden have seized on the allegations, demanding answers and transparency from the administration. Republicans in Congress have called for hearings to ascertain the tapes’ veracity and their potential impact on national security and the presidency’s integrity.

Conversely, Democrats have accused Jesse Watters and some of his colleagues of disseminating unverified claims aimed at discrediting the Biden administration. They argue for a cautious approach and not jumping to conclusions based on uncorroborated information. ( 📰 Gov. DeSantis calls Special Election to replace Juan Fernandez-Barquin in HD 118 Gov. Ron DeSantis. COLIN HACKLEY PHOTO ) President Biden and his administration have refrained from further comments on the matter beyond their initial denial of any wrongdoing. The President remains focused on his policy agenda, attempting to maintain a sense of normalcy amidst the controversy.

As the investigation unfolds, the American public and the global community are closely watching. If the alleged tapes prove authentic, their impact could be profound, potentially leading to legal consequences and further dividing an already polarized political landscape. Until the DOJ’s investigation concludes, questions surrounding the tapes and the possibility of President Biden being blackmailed will continue to dominate public discourse. ( 📺 Hunter Biden Says He Can’t Pay Child Support, But Look Where He Was Caught During His Very Bad Day )

We invite our readers to share their thoughts and opinions on this contentious issue in the comments below. What do you make of the allegations and the ongoing investigation? How do you believe this could impact President Biden’s administration and the country’s political climate? Let us engage in a thoughtful and respectful discussion, recognizing the gravity of the situation and its potential ramifications for the nation. (

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