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‘I Hit You, N—er. Stay on the Ground’: Suspect Identified By Oregon Cops In Savage Beating of Black Food Truck Owner, Stomped on Street By White Stranger Who Hurled Racial Slurs

In a horrifying incident that unfolded on Thursday, June 15, 2023, authorities have now identified a suspect in a brutal assault case that left a Black man severely injured in Oregon. (atlantablackstar.com) Initially believed to be a pedestrian struck by a car, it was later determined to be a vicious and racially-motivated attack. Darell Preston, a food truck owner delivering food, was mercilessly beaten, stomped upon, and subjected to racial slurs by a bald white man. (kgw.com) The assault, captured on video by onlookers, has shaken the community to its core.

The Portland Police Bureau was alerted to the incident and dispatched officers to the scene after reports of a pedestrian being struck. However, by the time they arrived, both Preston and his assailant had vanished. (atlantablackstar.com) The level of violence inflicted upon Preston during this unprovoked attack is beyond comprehension. Attorney Alicia LeDuc Montgomery, representing Preston, described the attacker’s words during the assault, recounting, “I hit you, N—er. Stay on the ground!” The chilling racism exhibited is a painful reminder of the deep-seated hatred that persists in our society.

Heart-wrenching photographs taken immediately after the assault reveal the harrowing extent of Preston’s injuries. His face bears the marks of the brutal attack—a swollen and bloodshot eye, busted lips, and a broken nose. The visible physical trauma only scratches the surface of the pain and suffering endured by Preston, who was simply going about his business, striving to make a living.

The suspect in this appalling crime has been identified as Daniel Thomas Warren, aged 40. The Portland Police Major Crimes Unit is investigating the case as a bias crime, acknowledging the racial motivation behind the attack. Despite their best efforts, authorities have thus far been unable to locate and apprehend Warren, leaving the community on edge and the victim’s family in a state of anguish.

As the investigation unfolds, questions are being raised about the response of first responders and law enforcement. Initially, when officers arrived at the scene, Preston had sought refuge in a nearby food cart. While they offered medical assistance upon observing his injuries, Preston declined their aid. However, his attorney argues that the severity of his injuries necessitated a trip to the hospital, and he felt compelled to hide out of fear. These concerns highlight the need for a comprehensive examination of the entire response to such acts of violence, ensuring that victims receive the support and protection they deserve.

In an attempt to bring the assailant to justice, authorities have released photographs of Warren, including a mugshot from October 2021 and a screen capture from the viral video footage. A public plea has been made for anyone with information on his whereabouts to exercise caution and immediately contact 911. It is vital for the community to remain vigilant and unified against such acts of hate and violence.

The shocking assault on Darell Preston serves as a stark reminder that our society is still plagued by racial animosity and hatred. It is an indictment of the deep-rooted systemic issues we must confront head-on. As we strive for a more equitable and just society, we must stand in solidarity with the victims of racial violence, amplifying their voices and demanding justice. Let us not forget the pain endured by Darell Preston and countless others who have been subjected to the unimaginable. Together, we must work tirelessly to eradicate racism and build a future that upholds the dignity and safety of all.

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