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Harry and Meghan are ‘out of their depth’ in ‘brutal’ showbiz industry claims actress

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Hollywood journey is proving to be more challenging than expected, as they struggle to maintain relevance despite their lucrative deals, according to a screenwriter and actress.

After their recent departure from a $20 million Spotify deal, which led to the cancellation of Meghan’s Archetypes podcast after just twelve episodes, the couple still holds a solid contract with Netflix. They are reportedly working on their next project, a scripted series called Bad Manners, based on Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations.

Their Netflix agreement extends until 2025, and Harry is also preparing to release a documentary series this summer about the Invictus Games, which he founded in 2014. In addition, he plans to follow in his late mother Princess Diana’s footsteps with a solo travel documentary in Africa.

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However, despite their numerous ideas, Judita DaSilva believes that the couple is ill-suited for the cutthroat world of Hollywood, where financial gain often trumps personal beliefs. DaSilva emphasizes that investors expect a return on their investment and that the couple lacks the necessary skills to fulfill the commitments they have undertaken.

During an appearance on GB News’ Saturday Morning Live, DaSilva explained that Harry and Meghan had been thrust into a level of fame they were unprepared for and made decisions that failed to propel them in a positive direction. She highlighted the allure of their brand as clickbait and suggested that Spotify signed them not for their righteous productions but for their attention-generating potential.

DaSilva emphasized the competitive nature of Hollywood and advised the couple to offer more to retain their lucrative contracts. Her comments echo those of top Hollywood agent Jeremy Zimmer, who recently called Meghan “talentless” at the Cannes Lions festival.

According to DaSilva, Harry now faces conversations where the focus is not on personal beliefs but on what he can offer that is captivating and marketable. He must answer questions about how he can generate profits rather than pursuing his ambitions or causes he cares about. This transition represents a baptism of fire for Harry, as he navigates the demanding landscape of the entertainment industry.

The challenges faced by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Hollywood underscore the need for adaptability and a deeper understanding of the industry’s dynamics. While their fame initially opened doors, sustaining their success will require them to navigate the delicate balance between personal convictions and the commercial interests that dominate the entertainment world.

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