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Guinness World Record Holder: The most premature baby to survive was born at 21 weeks and one day

In a tale of unparalleled resilience, a baby born at an astonishing 21 weeks in Alabama has defied all expectations, claiming the title of the world’s most premature baby to survive.

On July 5, 2020, Curtis Means and his twin sister C’Asya Means came into this world at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) hospital. Their arrival, 19 weeks or 132 days before the anticipated due date, presented an unimaginable challenge. With a gestational age of just 21 weeks and 1 day, the odds were stacked against their survival, with less than a 1% chance of making it.

Tragically, C’Asya, unable to respond to treatment, passed away the day after birth. However, Curtis’s unwavering spirit and remarkable tenacity propelled him forward. Weighing a mere 14.8 ounces (419.5g) at birth, roughly one-seventh the weight of a full-term baby, Curtis embarked on an extraordinary journey of resilience.

Dr. Brian Sims, a distinguished professor of pediatrics at UAB, who happened to be the attending physician when Curtis’s mother arrived at the hospital, reflected on the extraordinary nature of his case. “We have never been able to bring a baby that young to the neonatal intensive care unit, so [Curtis] was literally the first of his kind,” Dr. Sims revealed, emphasizing the uncharted territory they navigated.

Throughout Curtis’s challenging path to health, the dedicated medical team at UAB provided unwavering support. After spending a staggering 275 days in the hospital, Curtis was finally discharged. However, his journey was far from over. He required assistance to learn fundamental skills, such as eating and utilizing his mouth effectively.

Reflecting on their arduous journey, Curtis’s mother, Michelle Butler, expressed gratitude for the remarkable care provided by the UAB team. “It was a difficult journey, but I am grateful for the UAB team and their constant support. They took the time to educate me and made sure I knew what was happening every step of the way. They truly cared about my son and me,” Michelle Butler shared, encapsulating the unwavering dedication that guided them through each obstacle.

Today, Curtis thrives despite the challenges he faced. While he relies on a feeding tube and supplemental oxygen, he has achieved a state of good health, thanks to the care of Dr. Sims and his team.

Looking ahead, the future holds a sense of wonder and curiosity for Curtis. Dr. Sims expressed the unique nature of his journey, stating, “We do not know what all the future will hold for Curtis since there is no one else like him.” Curtis’s story, which began the day he was born, holds immense potential. It serves as a testament to the resilience of premature infants and may pave the way for advancements in the care provided to them worldwide.

The Guinness Book of World Records proudly recognizes Curtis’s exceptional feat, surpassing the previous record set by Richard Hutchinson of Wisconsin, who arrived after 21 weeks and 2 days on June 5, 2020. Curtis’s remarkable story reverberates with hope and inspiration, promising to transform the landscape of neonatal care and ignite a global pursuit of improved practices.

As we bear witness to Curtis’s unprecedented milestones, his tale becomes a beacon of resilience, reminding us that even the smallest among us can overcome insurmountable odds. His extraordinary journey will be read and studied by many, kindling a collective dedication to advancing the care of premature infants across the globe.

In Curtis’s remarkable triumph, we find hope, compassion, and an enduring reminder of theremarkable power of the human spirit. His story will forever inspire generations to come, offering a profound understanding that miracles are born from the most challenging beginnings. As Curtis continues to carve his unique path, his legacy will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the world, shaping the future of neonatal care and instilling hope in the hearts of countless families facing similar journeys.

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