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“Go back to your country with your dark skin”… Racist advertisement claims ‘whitening effect’ in dietary supplements

A children’s nutritional supplement company finds itself embroiled in a firestorm of controversy after releasing an advertisement that includes a racially discriminatory phrase, urging Africans to “go back to their country” while promoting skin whitening effects. The advertisement, featuring a child with brown skin being teased and shedding tears, drew widespread criticism as it perpetuated derogatory phrases and images targeting individuals with dark skin. (m.segye.com) ( 📄 Thousands of Illegal Immigrant Kids with Highly Contagious Disease Released Into Nearly Every State ) ( 📄 What Biden is Seen Doing Outside White House in Video Shown to House Republicans on Tuesday )

The controversial advertisement, posted on the company’s Instagram account, claimed to have a solution for lightening dark skin. ( 📺 Matt Gaetz Proposes Legislation to defund Special Counsel’s Investigation Targeting Trump ) However, its insensitive portrayal of racial discrimination triggered an uproar among netizens and concerned citizens alike. Critics voiced their disapproval online, questioning how such an offensive advertisement could be circulated in the present day, when inclusivity and sensitivity are valued more than ever. They expressed fears that such content could harm the country’s image while advertising nutritional supplements.

The outcry was so intense that the company had to remove the advertisement in response to the mounting controversy. Even Professor Seo Kyung-duk of Sungshin Women’s University condemned the ad as an unequivocal display of racial discrimination. Expressing his shock and concern on his Instagram, he emphasized the harm such advertisements could cause, especially when children are exposed to them. He reminded everyone of the pain experienced by Korean soccer players who faced racial discrimination abroad, calling for an end to discrimination at home to effectively protest against racial discrimination elsewhere. ( 📄 1-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed by 3-year-old sibling, authorities say )

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle against racial prejudice and discrimination. As a politically mature audience, we must address this issue with utmost sensitivity and empathy. It is crucial to create a society that rejects all forms of discrimination, ensuring that our children grow up in an inclusive and accepting environment. ( 📰 Trump Reveals Alleged Illicit Deals Involving Joe Biden and His Son ) As we reflect on this disturbing advertisement, let us engage in a thoughtful dialogue about how we can combat racial discrimination and foster a more tolerant and compassionate society. Share your thoughts and emotions in the comments below, as we work together to stand against racism and bigotry in all its forms.

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