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Engineer Explains Leaked Titan Sub Transcript, Revealing The Last 19 Minutes of Panic

In a gripping turn of events, a leaked transcript from the Titan submersible has sparked widespread discussion online. However, the authenticity of the transcript remains unverified, leaving many questions unanswered. Engineer Jeff Ostroff analyzed the script, revealing alarming details about the sub’s descent, indicating that it was descending too rapidly. According to Ostroff’s calculations, the sub would have reached the Titanic wreck an hour earlier than expected, raising concerns about the safety of the mission.

The transcript unveils a series of communications that shed light on the sub’s descent speed and depth. Ostroff explains that the submersible was designed to descend at a safe rate of 25.33 meters per minute. However, at the 21-minute mark, the transcript reveals that the sub was already 756 meters below the surface, far deeper than it should have been at that point. The discrepancies continue as the sub records depths that are significantly greater than anticipated. (mp.newsbreakapp.com) At 51 minutes into the descent, the sub reached 1934 meters, whereas it should have been at 1292 meters. The anomaly persisted, with the sub reaching 2960 meters at the 77-minute mark instead of the expected 1950 meters. These calculations point to a troubling realization: the sub was descending too quickly.

A critical moment in the leaked transcript occurs when an alarm from the Real Time Monitoring (RTM) system is noted at 9:28 am. (hitc.com) This prompted the decision to reduce the sub’s velocity to prevent further rapid descent. By that point, the Titan crew had been diving for 88 minutes, and based on the descent rate, they should have been at 2229 meters. However, the transcript reveals they were much deeper at 3433 meters, putting them around 1200 meters below their expected position. This discrepancy would have brought them dangerously close to the Titanic wreck site, an hour ahead of schedule.

The RTM system, responsible for monitoring the sub’s structural integrity, raised concerns as it lit up with red indicators. Additionally, crackling sounds were reported, originating from the closed-off pointed end of the sub. The crew couldn’t pinpoint the exact source of the sounds, but it appeared to be coming from the smaller, pointed section of the sub. Despite attempting to halt the descent and ascend slowly, the sub only managed to ascend about 60 feet in 3 minutes, while the power system was failing.

At 9:46:37, the last communication was transmitted from the Titan, indicating a reading of red on the R power bus. The crew switched to the B power bus at a depth of 3457 meters, and additional sounds were reported aft. The communications following this point became increasingly chaotic and lacking proper punctuation, suggesting that the crew was in a state of panic. The Polar Prince continued attempting to communicate with the sub, but all efforts were in vain.

The source of the leaked transcript remains undisclosed, leaving us with many unanswered questions about the fate of the crew aboard the Titan. The ordeal described in the transcript is undoubtedly distressing, fueling concerns for the safety and well-being of those involved. As the investigation unfolds, the world eagerly awaits further information regarding the fate of the sub and its crew.

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