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Divorce Forecast: Meghan Markle Will ‘Walk Away’ From Her Husband ‘Prince Harry, Royal Expert Says

In a surprising twist to the ongoing saga of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a prominent royal biographer predicts that their marriage is teetering on the edge of collapse. Angela Levin, a respected researcher and author on the British royal family, has cited several compelling reasons for her somber prediction, highlighting the strain caused by their departure from royal duties and relocation to the United States.

Levin, speaking to Sky News Australia host Paul Murray, expressed her concern that Meghan is consistently absent during crucial moments when Harry needs her support the most. She pointed out instances such as Meghan’s absence during the promotion of Harry’s book, “Spare,” and her non-attendance at the Royal Coronation, which she described as “abandonment.”

Initially, Meghan was known to cling to Harry, figuratively and literally, ensuring they remained inseparable. However, Levin observed a significant shift, remarking, “Now, she doesn’t go where he goes. They’re just sort of separated.” She drew attention to Meghan’s engagement with a new PR person, her ostentatious appearances in a gold dress, and her attempts to revive her lifestyle influencer image, while Harry grapples with personal struggles and resorts to legal battles, seeking financial support.

While neither Meghan, Harry, nor their representatives have responded to Levin’s claims, their recent professional setbacks have not gone unnoticed. The couple’s Spotify podcast deal, initially met with great fanfare, ended prematurely after producing a mere 12 episodes over two and a half years. Rumors have also swirled regarding the uncertain fate of their $20 million Netflix agreement.

The commentary surrounding the royal couple has grown increasingly critical. Spotify executive Bill Simmons, on his own podcast, labeled them as “f—— grifters!” Such scathing remarks, coupled with palace sources highlighting the potential damage to their aspirations for global recognition and Hollywood stardom, have put the Sussexes under immense scrutiny.

The future of Harry and Meghan’s union remains uncertain, shrouded in shadows as speculation abounds. As their marriage navigates uncharted territory, the weight of their choices and the strains of their public and private lives cast a cloud of uncertainty over their future.

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In the absence of official statements, the world watches with bated breath, pondering whether the couple can weather the storms that surround them. Can they find a path that reconciles their individual aspirations while nurturing their relationship? Or will the pressures they face ultimately drive them apart?

Only time will reveal the next chapter in the intricate tapestry of their lives. For now, the world awaits, hoping that love, resilience, and mutual understanding will prevail, illuminating their path towards a future that transcends the challenges they currently face.

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