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DeSantis Campaign Manager Throws Him Under the Bus Claim They’ve Spent Much on Ineffective Campaign

In a recent turn of events, Generra Peck, campaign manager for Ron DeSantis, made a startling revelation about the Florida Governor’s bid for the Republican nomination. ( 📰 Presidential Aspirant to Support Trump Though She Believes He Can’t Win ) At a billionaire donor summit held at the opulent Stein Erisken Lodge in Utah on Sunday, July 24, Peck candidly acknowledged the campaign’s shortcomings, admitting to inefficiencies and wasteful expenditures. ( 📺 ‘Turned Into A Circus’ Democrats Storm Out Of Gender Reassignment Hearing, Allege Trump Interferance ) The cost of the luxurious venue alone amounted to an additional $87,000, a fact that didn’t escape the irony of attendees, with even the cheapest room at the hotel priced at a staggering $666 per night.

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Speaking to a gathering of around 70 high-dollar donors, Peck outlined the team’s plan to adopt an “insurgent” approach while trimming down their operations. The reception took place on the terrace adjacent to Utah’s famed Twin Peaks, where cocktails flowed amidst an air of uncertainty and desperation. As Team DeSantis grapples with a cash crunch and a continuous slide in the polls, they have already begun downsizing by letting go of some staff members. Despite multiple attempts to reboot their campaign, success has remained elusive, leaving them in a precarious position.

Desperate to salvage the situation, DeSantis’s team seems to be borrowing tactics from the Trump campaign playbook, intending to revert to the strategy of “Let Ron be Ron.” This echoes the sentiment from the 2017 book title “Let Trump be Trump,” which was used by the former President’s campaign staff. The idea is to allow DeSantis to remain true to himself, as this approach had previously propelled him to leadership in Florida. However, such efforts might be too little too late, as even prominent supporters of the Florida Governor, including Fox bosses Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, seem ready to shift their allegiance to other Donald Trump alternatives like Glenn Youngkin. There’s a palpable sense of defeat surrounding DeSantis’s campaign, and winning back the trust of key supporters will be an uphill battle. (news-us.feednews.com)

As the campaign struggles to regain its footing and reclaim lost ground, the road ahead appears challenging and uncertain. The pressure is mounting on Team DeSantis to find a winning formula and convince both donors and voters that Ron DeSantis is still a viable contender for the Republican nomination. Only time will tell if their renewed “back-to-basics” approach will be enough to turn the tide and restore confidence in the campaign.

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