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7th Grader Confronts School Board After Being Sent Home for Wearing a T Shirt with The Words “There Are only Two Genders”

In a display of courage beyond his years, a seventh-grade student recently took a stand against his school board after facing repercussions for wearing a seemingly innocuous t-shirt that read, “There are only two genders.” This brave young boy addressed the school committee to assert his right to express his beliefs freely and to shed light on the concerning incident. Here’s what transpired:

Liam, the 12-year-old student, began his speech by expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to address the board. He never anticipated that the simple act of wearing a shirt with five words on it would lead to this moment.

The controversy arose when two teachers confronted Liam during gym class, engaging him in what he described as an uncomfortable conversation. He was informed that his shirt was causing some students to feel unsafe, and complaints about it had been lodged.

Liam couldn’t believe the gravity of the situation, as he pondered how a few words on a shirt could create such distress. Despite being told that he wasn’t in trouble, the incident left him feeling quite the opposite.

The teachers requested that Liam remove his shirt before he could rejoin his class. In a polite yet firm manner, he declined their request, leading them to involve his father in the matter. Fortunately, Liam’s father supported his decision and picked him up from school.

Liam defended his shirt, stressing that it contained nothing harmful or threatening—merely a statement he believed to be a factual representation. He questioned why his right to express his beliefs was overshadowed by others’ feelings.

Acknowledging the importance of free speech, Liam shared that he respects others’ right to express themselves, even when their views differ from his own. He emphasized the acceptance of pride flags and diversity posters around school, underlining that everyone has the right to their beliefs.

Surprisingly, not a single person, staff or student, approached Liam in person to express discomfort about his shirt. In fact, some students supported him and even wanted to wear the same shirt.

The teachers claimed that the shirt was disruptive to the learning environment, but Liam argued that no one reacted dramatically to it. He highlighted the actual disruptions to his learning that he witnesses daily—undisciplined behavior by some students that goes unchecked.

Feeling a sense of injustice, Liam believes that different rules apply to different people, and he sensed that his view was deemed unacceptable by adults in authority.

Despite the challenges he faced, Liam acknowledged that the experience taught him valuable lessons. He discovered that other students shared his views, and he realized that adults don’t always make the right decisions.

At just 12 years old, Liam is aware of his right to express his opinions, and he staunchly believes that this right should be respected. In an impassioned plea to the school board, he urged them to support students like him, allowing them to express themselves without fear of retribution.

Liam concluded his speech with a powerful message: “Next time, it may not only be me. It may be more students deciding to speak out.” This courageous young boy has set a powerful example for others, and his call for open dialogue and acceptance is a timely reminder of the importance of fostering an environment where all voices can be heard.

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