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The Future is Here: Lab-Grown Meat Approved for Sale in the US

Image credits: The Associated Press

For years, people have been talking about the possibility of lab-grown meat, and now it’s finally here. The US Department of Agriculture has given regulatory approval to two California companies, Upside Foods and Good Meat, to sell chicken made from animal cells. This means that for the first time in history, people can enjoy meat without harming animals or damaging the environment.

Image credits: The Hill

This new era of meat production will revolutionize the food industry, as it eliminates the need for grazing, growing feed for animals, and animal waste. Instead, meat is grown in steel tanks using cells from a living animal, a fertilized egg, or a bank of stored cells. The meat is then formed into various shapes, such as chicken cutlets and sausages.

Image credits: NBC News

The companies plan to start selling the new food in exclusive restaurants, such as Bar Crenn in San Francisco and a restaurant in Washington, D.C. run by chef José Andrés. However, it may take a few years before the products reach supermarkets, as they are currently much more expensive than traditional meat and cannot be produced on the same scale.

Image credits: CBS Boston

While some people may be skeptical about eating meat grown from cells, others are excited about the possibilities. Cultivated meat has the potential to eliminate the need for factory farming and could have a positive impact on the environment. The technology could also lead to the production of meat that is healthier and more sustainable than traditional meat.

Image credits: Reuters

However, the road ahead may not be easy. Polls have shown that many people are hesitant to try lab-grown meat, with concerns about safety and the “ick factor” being the main reasons. But as more people learn about the process and taste the meat, it’s possible that attitudes will change.

Overall, this breakthrough in meat production is an exciting step forward for the food industry and for the future of our planet. The possibilities are endless, and who knows what other kinds of meat could be produced in the future? One thing is for sure – the future is here, and it’s delicious.


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