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SoFi Stadium Employee Accused of Alarming Incident Involving Hot Dog Cart, Leaves Family Devastated

In a shocking turn of events, an employee of SoFi Stadium stands accused of causing harm to a 12-year-old girl by flipping her mother’s hot dog cart while the woman was momentarily away, attending to personal needs.

Marlene Morales, entrusted with the cart’s supervision along with her siblings during a concert outside the stadium on Saturday, found herself at the center of chaos as several witnesses claim the employee deliberately overturned the cart, causing the family’s potential earnings to scatter across the ground.

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“He was being very aggressive,” recounts Graciee Sifuentes, who managed to capture video footage of the aftermath. Sifuentes firmly believes that the employee specifically targeted the young girl.

According to another vendor, the accused employee had instructed him and the children to step back, a request they complied with. However, he then menacingly asked them if they wished to witness his anger before toppling their carts, as described by the second vendor.

Subsequent footage unveils Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies gently tapping the employee’s arm while seemingly gesturing for him to retreat towards the stadium. One deputy, attempting to placate the irate onlookers, is heard saying, “We just need you guys to back up to the other side of the street. I’m sorry about this.”

Speaking to NBC4, Marlene shares that her physical condition has improved since the incident, but initially, she could barely walk due to the injury sustained during the distressing ordeal.

“It’s very hard to see someone treat your children badly,” laments Lesbia Tol Morales.

The Morales family had invested in the cart and procured food to sell on weekends, a means to make ends meet. They traveled all the way from Bakersfield, braving the distance to capitalize on the concert crowd, only to find themselves deprived of hundreds of dollars in losses.

“As migrants, we come here to fight. We don’t come to steal. We live here fighting day after day, and it’s a shame there are people like this,” Morales tearfully expresses her anguish.

While a police report has been filed, it remains unclear whether any arrests have been made.

SoFi Stadium has released a statement acknowledging the incident and affirming their collaboration with law enforcement. “Maintaining a safe environment is our number one priority, and we regularly evaluate staffing and protocols across all of our vendors to ensure an enjoyable entertainment experience,” the statement asserts.

Meanwhile, Sifuentes vehemently demands that SoFi Stadium terminate the employment of the accused individual.

“They’re advertising and promoting, you know, Latino events, and this is how they’re going to treat our people? That’s not OK,” she asserts, highlighting her dissatisfaction with the alleged mistreatment.

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