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Real Reason Geraldo Rivera Left ‘The Five’: Veteran Fox News Star in ‘Knockdown Drag-out Fights’ OFF-AIR With New Network Favorite Greg Gutfeld

The departure of Geraldo Rivera from Fox News’ top-rating program, The Five, came as a surprise to many. However, a source has revealed that the veteran anchor and correspondent was involved in a series of tense off-air clashes with Greg Gutfeld, which ultimately led to his exit. The insider described the tension between the two as “knockdown drag-out fights,” and added that “there is no love lost between Geraldo and Greg, that is for certain.”

Photo credit: Source: @realgreggutfeld/Instagram

The tension between the two co-hosts was not limited to off-air clashes, as it also spilled over to on-air moments. Geraldo had been one of the rotating “liberal” co-hosts on the panel show since January last year, sharing his role with commentator Jessica Tarlov and former U.S. Rep. (radaronline.com) Harold Ford Jr. However, his exit from the show was not due to “editorial differences” alone, as he alluded to a growing tension between him and Gutfeld.

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Photo credit: Source: Mega; @realgreggutfeld/Instagram

“Geraldo and Greg do not get along,” said the insider. “That is obvious to anyone who watches The Five. But what people didn’t see on television is how often that tension spilled over to off-the-camera.”

Photo credit: Source: Mega

The tension between the two co-hosts was not just a matter of personal differences, but also a power struggle. Gutfeld’s show, Gutfeld!, has dominated the late-night timeslot, making him the new king of Fox News. In this power struggle, Gutfeld emerged as the winner, with overwhelming backing from network bosses.

“When the tension between Greg and Geraldo spilled from on-air to off-air —and people were forced to pick a side —it came down to choosing between a Fox News stalwart or the future of Fox News. And Greg had the overwhelming backing,” said another television insider.

Geraldo’s exit from The Five marks the end of an era for the veteran anchor and correspondent. (apnews.com) (radaronline.com) (radaronline.com) However, he remains Correspondent at Large “for now.” He said, “It has been a rocky ride but it has also been an exhilarating adventure that spanned quite a few years. I hope it’s not my last adventure.”

The drama behind Geraldo Rivera’s exit from The Five highlights the power struggles and personal differences that exist in the world of political news. As Fox News continues to dominate the political news landscape, it remains to be seen how this drama will impact the network’s future.

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