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Prince Harry’s Return to Royal Family Without Meghan Markle Possible in the Future, Says Commentator

In an interview, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond expressed her belief that Prince Harry could be welcomed back into the royal fold without Meghan Markle at some point in the future. Bond acknowledged that forgiveness and acceptance might come with time, but she also emphasized that it currently seems unlikely.

Speaking to OK!, Bond stated, “I think that Harry, without Meghan, would be forgiven and welcomed back into the royal fold in the fullness of time. But it is still unlikely at the moment.” She further added, “I think there is still enough goodwill towards Harry, well, to the old Harry that we all remember. He could recoup the ground he’s lost and in time and be welcomed back. But I don’t think it’s anywhere on the horizon.”

Meanwhile, Prince Harry finds himself involved in a legal battle with Mirror Group Newspapers as he testifies in the High Court this week regarding a phone hacking case. On Tuesday, a 55-page statement was released as part of his evidence, making him the first senior member of the Royal Family to face questioning in court since 1891.

Interestingly, Prince Harry’s witness statement contained an error that caught attention. He referred to his father as “HRH King Charles III,” but the correct title is “His Majesty King Charles III.” Given his status as a member of the Royal Family, it is surprising for the Duke of Sussex to make such an oversight.

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