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Pastor who shot wife at hotel constantly beat and threatened to kill her: report

Tragedy struck last Wednesday when 25-year-old senior pastor Danny Prenell Jr. shot his wife, Gabrielle Prenell, and then turned the gun on himself in a hotel room in McComb, Mississippi. This horrific act took place in the presence of their three young children. Court records reveal that Danny Prenell Jr. had a history of violence against his wife, with Gabrielle filing a petition for protection from abuse in 2016, citing constant beatings and threats to her life. The pastor, who had previously served as a deputy with the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office, is now facing charges of aggravated domestic violence and disturbance of a business.

Photo credit: The Hampton Inn & Suites McComb, in McComb, Miss. |

Danny Prenell Jr.’s violent tendencies were evident even before the tragic incident at the hotel. (wgno.com) Court records detail Gabrielle’s plea for protection, highlighting the physical abuse and threats she endured from her husband. The harrowing situation she faced is made even more heartbreaking by her statement: “I fear for the life of myself and my unborn child.” (facebook.com)

Photo credit: Bright Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in Pineville, La. |

Gabrielle’s petition for protection further reveals that Danny Prenell Jr. frequently pointed guns at her and threatened to kill her. The constant fear and trauma inflicted upon her by her husband are chilling.

Before becoming the pastor of Bright Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in 2022, Danny Prenell Jr. served as a deputy with the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office. However, he resigned from his position in December. The shooting incident on June 21 resulted in charges of aggravated domestic violence and disturbance of a business.

The shooting took place at the Hampton Inn & Suites in McComb, Mississippi, where Danny Prenell Jr. shot his wife twice before turning the gun on himself. (kalb.com) Gabrielle was shot in the stomach and arm, while her husband suffered a gunshot wound to the right side of his abdomen. Gabrielle remains hospitalized in stable condition, while Danny Prenell Jr. has been released from the hospital and is now facing charges.

Due to Gabrielle’s condition, investigators have not been able to interview her yet. The McComb Police Department is actively investigating the case, and no further details have been released about what the pastor may have revealed to the police.

In the midst of this tragedy, the unanswered calls to Bright Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church reflect the shock and grief surrounding the congregation. The crime scene at the hotel, as depicted in a photograph, is a haunting reminder of the horrifying events that unfolded. (facebook.com)

Just two days before the shooting, Danny Prenell Jr. posted on Facebook, acknowledging his flaws but expressing his belief that he was favored by God. He shared a picture of his smiling wife and their three young children, who are now in the custody of Child Protective Services. The post reveals the complexity of the situation, with the pastor recognizing his imperfections but still considering himself a family man. (christianpost.com)

Danny Prenell Jr., at the age of 25, expressed his determination for personal growth and faithfulness to his beliefs. He saw himself as someone who transcended his age and had a thirst for more. His words on social media reflect his aspirations and his commitment to a higher power.

In April, he celebrated his wife’s birthday, expressing his deep love and admiration for her. He referred to her as his queen, highlighting her qualities of class, discretion, integrity, and her strong faith. His words serve as a painful reminder of the contrast between the loving image he projected publicly and the tragic reality that unfolded.

The heartbreaking story of Danny Prenell Jr. and Gabrielle Prenell’s relationship underscores the importance of addressing domestic violence and the need to provide support to those in abusive situations. It serves as a reminder that behind closed doors, even in seemingly happy relationships, there can be hidden pain and suffering. The repercussions

of domestic violence extend beyond the immediate victims, impacting entire communities. (enterprise-journal.com)

As the investigation into this tragic incident continues, it is crucial to reflect on the devastating consequences of domestic violence and work towards creating a society where individuals can seek help and find support, free from fear and harm. (facebook.com)

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