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Nathan Carman, the Vermont man charged with killing his mother off the coast of New England in a scheme to inherit millions of dollars, died in jail while awaiting trial. He pleaded not guilty last year to fraud and first-degree murder in the death of his mother, Linda Carman, and was scheduled to go on trial in October.

An eight-count indictment also says Carman shot and killed his wealthy grandfather John Chakalos as he slept in 2013, in order to obtain money and property from his grandfather’s estate. But the indictment does not charge Carman with his grandfather’s killing, and he had consistently denied any involvement in the two deaths.

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The cause of Carman’s death was not immediately clear. He was the sole occupant of a county jail cell when guards found him dead at around 2:30 a.m. In a statement, his lawyers said they were “devastated and in shock.”

In September 2016, Carman organized a fishing trip with his mother, during which prosecutors say he planned to kill her and report that his boat sank and his mother disappeared in the accident. He was found floating in an inflatable raft eight days after leaving a Rhode Island marina with his mother, whose body was never recovered. Prosecutors allege he altered the boat to make it more likely to sink. Carman denied that allegation.

Federal prosecutors say the deaths of Carman’s mother and grandfather paved the way for him to inherit an estimated $7 million — Linda Carman’s share of her father’s estate. That inheritance remains tied up in probate court in Connecticut, where his three aunts sought to block Carman from receiving any money from his grandfather’s estate.

Carman’s legal team was preparing for trial and confident of a win before his untimely death. Meanwhile, Chakalos’ three surviving daughters — Carman’s aunts — said in a statement that they were “deeply saddened” to hear about his death and asked for privacy “while we process this shocking news and its impact on the tragic events surrounding the last several years.”

The inheritance scheme spanned nearly a decade and began with Carman buying a rifle in New Hampshire, which he allegedly used to shoot Chakalos in the man’s home in Connecticut on Dec. 20, 2013. Carman then discarded his own computer’s hard drive and the GPS unit in his truck, prosecutors said.

Oh, the inheritance of it all! Nathan Carman, charged with killing his mother at sea, died in jail before going to trial. His wealthy grandfather, John Chakalos, was also shot and killed in 2013. The indictment does not charge Carman with his grandfather’s killing, but prosecutors say the inheritance scheme paved the way for him to inherit an estimated $7 million. His legal team was confident of a win before his untimely death.

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