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No More Distractions: NHL Teams Put Focus on Inclusivity

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It’s time to put the game back in focus. The National Hockey League has announced that it will no longer have players wear specialty jerseys during pregame warmups, citing the distractions caused by some players’ refusal to wear Pride-themed jerseys. (espn.com) While some may see this decision as a step back for inclusivity, it’s important to remember that the NHL’s commitment to diversity and acceptance remains unwavering.

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The league’s decision came after several players refused to wear rainbow-colored Pride jerseys during themed nights last season, citing religious or personal beliefs. (espn.com) While it’s understandable that players have the right to express their opinions, their refusals overshadowed the efforts of teams in hosting Pride nights and other themed events that promote inclusivity. (espn.com) NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said that the distractions caused by these refusals took away from the essence of these themed nights.

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But let’s not forget that the NHL remains committed to promoting diversity and acceptance. Teams will continue to celebrate Pride and other theme nights, including military appreciation and Hockey Fights Cancer. (espn.com) (sportsnet.ca) They will still design and produce jerseys to be autographed and sold to raise money, even though players won’t skate around with them on during warmups.

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It’s important to note that this decision does not mean the NHL is backing down on its support for the LGBTQ+ community. (espn.com) The league has worked with organizations like You Can Play to help make locker rooms, board rooms, and arenas safer and more inclusive. (espn.com) In fact, over 95% of players chose to wear Pride jerseys to support the community. The NHL’s commitment to diversity and acceptance is ongoing and purposeful, and the league will continue to work with its partners to ensure that critical work continues.

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NHL fans can still feel comfortable and welcomed at games. (espn.com) The league understands that everyone has different beliefs and opinions, and it respects those differences. But when it comes to themed nights, the focus should be on the cause, not on which players are refusing to participate. By eliminating the distraction of specialty jerseys during warmups, the NHL is ensuring that the spotlight remains on inclusivity and acceptance.

In the end, it’s time to put the game back in focus. (espn.com) The NHL will continue to celebrate diversity and acceptance, and fans can continue to enjoy the game they love without any unnecessary distractions. So, let’s cheer on our favorite teams and players with a smiley face emoji, knowing that the NHL remains committed to making hockey a welcoming and inclusive sport for all. (espn.com)


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