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‘I just want to fit in in this team’: Joey Votto reflects on first game back with red-hot Reds

Title: Joey Votto’s Epic Home Run Return Sends Cincinnati Fans Into Frenzy

Keywords: Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds, NL Central, baseball, home run

It was a moment Cincinnati Reds fans had been waiting for over 10 months. Joey Votto, former National League MVP and first baseman for the Reds, finally made his return to the field after multiple surgeries. And what a return it was.

Batting sixth in the lineup for the Monday evening game against the Colorado Rockies, Votto hit a dramatic solo home run in the bottom of the fifth inning. This was Votto’s first appearance for the Reds since August 2022, and fans were ecstatic.

Cincinnati has emerged as one of baseball’s best stories in 2023, winning eight consecutive games and moving within half a game of first place in the NL Central. Votto’s return only added to the excitement, with hardened fans who had long suffered through their team’s tepid approach to winning losing their minds.

Twitter was ablaze with fans expressing their joy. One user even tweeted, “I screamed & now I am sobbing!!! Votto still bangs!!!!!!!!” It’s safe to say that Votto’s return was a much-needed ray of sunshine for Reds fans.

Votto’s long-awaited return wasn’t just a feel-good moment for the team and its fans. The 39-year-old slugger joined a unique club in the annals of baseball’s oldest team. He became the 12th Reds player to hit a home run at age 39 or older, joining legends like Pete Rose and Ken Griffey Sr.

After hitting his dinger, Votto even posed in the Reds’ home run Viking helmet. Fans couldn’t get enough of their “VIKING GOAT.”

It was an auspicious return for Votto, who underwent multiple surgeries in August 2022 to repair the left biceps and torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder. Votto missed the last 46 games of the 2022 season and had two separate minor league rehab stints before returning to the Reds.

Votto’s return couldn’t have come at a better time for the Reds, who are surprisingly contending in the NL Central and have won eight straight games. As Votto said, “If I’m going to rejoin a winning ballclub, my responsibility is to be up to speed with them.” And he certainly lived up to that responsibility with his epic home run return.

Joey Votto’s return may have been long-awaited, but it was worth the wait for Cincinnati Reds fans. With Votto back in the lineup, the Reds are looking like a team to watch in the NL Central.

Keywords: Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds, NL Central, baseball, home run


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