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Hilaria Baldwin says her doctor recommends Alec Baldwin get a vasectomy ‘every single time’ she has a child — but he hasn’t yet

Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of Alec Baldwin, has hinted at the possibility of having another child despite already having seven. In a recent interview with Romper, the 39-year-old mother admitted that she is not on birth control because it makes her feel depressed and that she loves babies. She also revealed that her OB writes down the vasectomy doctor’s name on a Post-it note after every birth, but her husband has not gone through with it yet.

The couple’s children range in age from nine months to 10 years old, and they recently welcomed their youngest child, Ilaria, in September 2022. Hilaria said that she does not like being pregnant but loves giving birth. ( She also admitted that she is afraid to say that Ilaria is her last baby out loud or give away her maternity clothes because she thinks she will discover she is pregnant again.

Despite the family’s size, Hilaria is not ruling out the possibility of having another child. She said, “Every single time I have a baby, my OB writes down the vasectomy doctor on a Post-it, and I bring it home to Alec. He hasn’t done it yet.” She added that she is not ready to say that she is done having children.

The Baldwin family has been making headlines for years, not just because of their sheer numbers but also because of other controversies. Alec Baldwin faced charges related to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his movie “Rust,” but the charges were dropped in April 2023. ( Hilaria has also faced criticism for her misleading public life and accent.

Despite the family’s fame, they have also faced challenges. ( ( Hilaria revealed that she hired a private investigator to look into the lives of her most frequent online bullies. She said that these people were “lonely” and “lost.” Her older children are also afraid of the paparazzi outside their house and have taken to sleeping in the same room together in bunk beds for their own comfort.

In conclusion, Hilaria Baldwin’s recent interview with Romper has left many wondering if the family will expand even further. ( Despite already having seven children, Hilaria is not ruling out the possibility of having another child. ( The Baldwin family has faced many challenges, including controversies and online bullying, but they remain a close-knit family.

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