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Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas Former Trump White House Official Steve Bannon in Connection with Special Counsel’s Investigation into January 6 and Trump’s Efforts to Retain Power

In a development shrouded in perplexity and unpredictability, it has come to light that former Trump White House official Steve Bannon has been served a subpoena by a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C. This subpoena is linked to the ongoing investigation led by special counsel Jack Smith, delving into the events of January 6 and former President Donald Trump’s endeavors to maintain his position in office. Two undisclosed sources familiar with the matter disclosed this information.

According to these sources, the subpoena, demanding both documents and testimony, was issued in late May. Notably, this grand jury investigation focuses on Trump’s actions surrounding the January 6 events and his potential involvement in obstructing the peaceful transfer of power. It is important to highlight that this particular grand jury in Washington is distinct from the one in Miami, which recently heard testimony regarding Trump’s handling of classified documents.

Amidst these developments, a spokesperson for the special counsel opted to withhold any comment on the matter, while Bannon’s attorney, Harlan Protass, also refrained from providing any statement.

Worth mentioning is Bannon’s previous legal entanglement, as he faced charges of contempt of Congress for his refusal to cooperate after receiving congressional subpoenas from the January 6 committee. In a jury trial held in July 2022, Bannon was convicted on two charges. Subsequently, in October, U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols handed Bannon a four-month federal prison sentence; however, the sentence was suspended pending Bannon’s pursuit of appeals.

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