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Experts Slam Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Pursuit of Privacy in Hollywood, Advocating for Their Swift Disappearance

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relentless pursuit of privacy in their Hollywood life has sparked a call for their immediate retreat, according to experts.

Royal author and commentator Maureen Callahan delved into these allegations against the Duchess of Sussex, shedding light on the matter.

As per a Daily Mail report, Ms. Callahan expresses, “There’s a certain rationale behind Harry being excluded from Charles’ coronation: He has only published one out of the four books promised in his deal, and speculations suggest that one of those could be Meghan’s memoir. What was the purpose of that brief trip to London if not a mere quest for gossip and grievances?”

“One would assume that after the ‘South Park’ episode, where their ‘Worldwide Privacy Tour’ was satirically depicted, they would have grasped the hint and silenced themselves.”

Ms. Callahan further emphasizes, “Moreover, it seems logical that public figures who truly desire to vanish would forgo grand public announcements and genuinely vanish.”

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