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Ex-Boyfriend Charged with Murder as Body of Missing Woman Found

In a development that has sent shockwaves through the community, Adam Fravel, the former boyfriend of Madeline Jane Kingsbury, who mysteriously vanished under suspicious circumstances in March, has now been charged with her murder. The stunning revelation comes in the wake of the discovery of Kingsbury’s lifeless body, marking a tragic end to the agonizing search for the young woman. The Winona Police Department wasted no time in announcing on Friday that Fravel faces two counts of second-degree murder, leaving the public in a state of disbelief.

The grim discovery occurred on Wednesday when Kingsbury’s remains were located in a secluded brush area near Highway 43 in Fillmore County. It was this tragic finding that led to Fravel’s arrest, as he was taken into custody on probable cause, thrusting this perplexing case into the national spotlight. With Fravel now in custody, the pursuit of justice begins, with his bail set at a staggering $2 million unconditional and $1 million conditional.

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As the investigation unfolds, Winona County Attorney Karin Sonneman has hinted at the possibility of upgrading the charges to first-degree murder, adding another layer of complexity and gravity to this already shocking turn of events. Fravel’s next court appearance is scheduled for July 20, where the full weight of the accusations against him will be brought to bear.

Details surrounding the events leading up to Kingsbury’s disappearance have emerged from a complaint obtained by ABC News. Fravel reportedly informed the police that he and Kingsbury had recently separated and were in the process of moving out of their shared residence, where they lived with their two young children, aged 5 and 2. The last known sighting of Kingsbury occurred on March 31, when she and Fravel dropped off their children at daycare before returning to their Winona home.

Initial reports suggested that Fravel claimed he had left the house in Kingsbury’s minivan, only to return and find her missing. However, Fillmore County Sheriff John DeGeorge dropped a bombshell when he revealed that Kingsbury’s body was found in close proximity to a property owned by the Fravel family. Moreover, the complaint referenced a message allegedly sent by Kingsbury to Fravel, alluding to a previous incident of domestic violence, according to KARE 11 News.

Heartbreak and grief pervade the atmosphere as Kingsbury’s mother, Krista Naber, expressed her anguish and shared fond memories of her daughter’s aspirations and unwavering dedication to caring for her children. The Winona Police Department has ensured the children’s safety by placing them in the custody of Kingsbury’s father, with the CHIPS court set to determine their long-term care arrangements.

This chilling case has drawn parallels to the recent tragic killing of Gabby Petito, as the complaint revealed that Fravel had made a reference to Petito during his interactions with Kingsbury. Authorities are urging utmost respect for the privacy and emotional well-being of Kingsbury’s children and family during this harrowing time, as they navigate the aftermath of this devastating loss.

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